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Which Wedding Band Setting Is Right For You?

Popular Wedding Rings
Popular Wedding Rings
Popular Wedding Rings

Choosing the right setting for your wedding band is as important as choosing the diamond for the ring. All the wedding bands are designed to make the center stone more beautiful and secure. You have to choose a wedding band setting that is both aesthetically pleasing and provides protection to the stones.

Here are some of the best wedding band settings that are popular among people.

Bead Setting

This particular setting is also called the surface prong setting. In this wedding band setting, the center stone is placed in the metal and multiple beads of the metal hold the diamond in place. These subtle beads give a nice light play on the diamond. One of the main benefits of this ring setting is that it protects the center stone.

Bar Setting

This unique wedding band set has a rectangular metal between the stones that keeps them in place. Most popular wedding rings have a bar setting as the wedding band setting. The diamonds in a bar setting are protected on two sides by the bar. The bar setting is ideal for your wedding ring if you are wearing your ring all day.

Channel Setting

If you are giving importance to the center diamond of your wedding ring, you can choose a channel setting. The thick borders on either side of this setting hold the diamonds in a line around the band. The channel setting gives your ring a sleek and modern look.

Bezel Setting

Also, known as the flush setting, this particular wedding band setting is completely surrounded by the gemstone. The diamonds sit within the setting itself and offer high protection for diamonds. It is highly unlikely for the diamonds to come loose from the bezel setting. This particular wedding band setting creates a frame for the diamonds and also forms an attractive pattern.

Prong Setting

Most popular diamond rings use this classic ring setting. In this particular ring setting, each of the diamonds is held in place by an individual or shared prongs. The arrangement of diamonds in the prong setting is in such a way that the light flow is very high through the stones. The prongs are very easy to clean and maintain, but it provides less protection to the center stones when compared to other wedding band settings.

Pave Setting

The pave setting is ideal for showing off the beauty of the stones. This wedding band set offers a lot of sparkle and glitter. You should note that the pave setting is not as secure as other ring settings because the diamonds are very exposed.

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