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Seven Attractive Ideas to Engrave your Wedding Ring

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Wedding Ring Ideas

Everyone wants to look unique and original on their big day, and customized engraved wedding rings are one of the best ways to get there. Transform your look into something different by choosing among the below ideas, and show off your personality as an engraving.

  • Romantic Messages: The idea of using older phrases in French, Italian or Latin which sound romantic, is one worth exploring. In Latin you could engrave something like ‘Semper amemus’, which means ‘Let us always love’; or try ‘Pour tousjours’ which in French means ‘for all days’.
  • That Exclusive Fingerprint: Fingerprints are unique for each and every person out there in the world. So would the perfect ring be, if they really wanted to personalize. That bond between two different people who are soon going to become one, can be conveyed very well in this way.
  • Name of Your Beloved: This idea had been a cliché in the Orient when it came to wedding rings, and similar aspects can be seen in many of the most common wedding rings today. At any rate, this custom is still close to the basic human psyche, because every person in love would long to shout out whom their heart belonged to.
  • Catchy Symbol: Choosing visual overwriting is also a funky idea among the bold folks out there. However, one has to ensure that the visual goes well with the design of the ring. The more complicated a designs is, the more it would cost you to include it.
  • Personalize with Initials and Date:An engraving marking that special day of your life, can make a huge difference going forward. This is also the case with the initials of your spouse’s name. There is yet another creepy bonus for this idea: that you won’t forget when your anniversary is. These details are mostly engraved on the inner side of the ring.
  • Vows for nuptials: Those short expressions of love in your ring can be life-changing. Whenever you gaze something of this sort, you will remember that special person and their influence on you. Vows you pick to engrave can be simple words like ‘Forever’, ‘Soulmates’, ‘Made4each other’, or even ‘ I love you’.
  • Your first meeting: No one is supposed to forget when they first met the most special person in their life. You can even engrave that day on the band of your special ring, to remember how beautiful that whole journey was.

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