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When it comes to using technological advancements the diamond industry has been highly successful. It has adopted several technologies in a beneficial manner. Their impact can be seen even in today’s most common wedding rings. Below is a discussion on some of the latest technologies used in the diamond industry.

Synthetic Diamond Formation Technology

In earlier phases of the diamond industry, they depended only on the naturally formed diamonds. However, Synthetic technology has opened possibilities for several possible ways. There are many easy ways to synthesize diamonds. The most common methods are the Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and High Temperature and High Pressure (HTHP) method.

These processes create similar circumstances during synthesis like a natural formation. A carbon-rich chamber is used and high pressure and temperature are applied. These techniques have made quality enhancement of diamond possible.

Hauling Truck Technology for Diamond Mining

Once the diamond is formed, the following step is to get them out of the Earth’s surface. Similar to the formation of diamonds, this was also dependant on natural ways. There were a few technologies used to mine diamond from the earth’s surface, but they required a huge amount of effort. To eliminate this difficulty, a new technology with remote-controlled hauling trucks is used. This means that the process of extracting diamond become much easier than before.

Clarity Grading

Diamonds are very popular due to their stunning appearance and shining ability. If this quality somehow decreases, people would not be interested in buying diamonds. Hence, to stop this from happening, and to keep up the shine and clarity of the diamonds a method called clarity grading is utilized.

Clarity grading allows people to know what they are buying. There would be a precise description of details regarding the 4Cs of diamonds. This technology displays all features of the diamonds so the buyers have a clear idea regarding it and avoid possible traps.

High-Frequency Seismic Reflection Technology

This is the latest technology used to understand the possibility of finding a diamond under the earth’s crust. Initially, a magnetic surveying technique was used to detect the presence of diamonds. However, this led to false interpretation on many occasions. With the seismic reflection method, the detection is more accurate. It was used to get warnings of earthquakes, but it can also be used for diamond detection and exploration purpose.

The above technologies have helped the diamond industry grow in multiple ways.

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