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Tips To Choose A Diamond Ring For Your Engagement

Diamond Ring Styles
Diamond Ring Styles
Diamond Ring Styles

A lot of people specifically prefer diamond rings for their engagement because of the brilliance, value, and stunning look these stones offer. But choosing a diamond ring can be a difficult task considering the number of options that are available for you. There can be a lot of factors involved in choosing a diamond ring that can be suitable for you.

The following tips can be helpful for you to find a diamond ring that can perfectly fit your requirements:

Choose A Shape You Want

Diamonds come in a wide variety of shapes including the most popular round brilliants. However, there is a wide variety of other options available for you that vary greatly in their look and brilliance. Some of them include cushion, princess, oval, pear, heart, etc.

All these shapes have their own unique properties that set them apart. So when choosing a ring, ask your jeweler about the choices available for you.

You might only find a few diamond ring styles in jewelry shops. However, if you want to get more options, then it is better to choose a ring from online stores, where you can find endless collections.

Choose A Metal

Platinum is one of the popular choices used for diamond rings. But this metal can be costly in comparison with other metals, so if you want a more affordable option, you can get white gold that can offer a similar appearance.

Yellow gold or rose gold can also be used for creating a stunning contrast. But if you are looking for cheap options, then silver can be a good choice for you.

Have A Carat Size In Mind

The carat size of a diamond can have a great impact on the amount you have to spend. So you have to consider your budget when choosing the carat size.

Get Measured Properly

It is important to get your ring finger measured to avoid the ring becoming too loose or tight. You can get your finger measured in a jewelry store.

Consider The Wedding Band

If you are planning to wear your engagement ring and wedding band on the same finger, it is better to make sure that they match each other. Otherwise, they can negatively affect each other’s appeal.

Ring Settings

There is a wide range of ring settings available for you. Some of the popular ring settings available for you are solitaire, halo, three-stone, pave, channel, tension settings, etc.

When buying diamond rings, make sure that the diamond is certified, or else, you might end up spending a huge amount on a diamond of low quality.

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