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Tips and Tricks to Take Some Very Stunning Engagement Photos

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Engagement Photo Tips

Once you have said yes to your partner, you will want to honor the moment with some striking engagement photographs. Where should you take the photographs, and how do you ensure your engagement shoot does not fall flat? Keep reading for tips on taking some seriously stunning engagement shots.

Outdoor Shots

With stunning natural surroundings and incredible lighting, outdoor engagement pictures can be very dreamy. If you are heading outside for the photo shoot, then just be sure you have a photographer with a lot of outdoor work in his or her portfolio and keep in mind to be flexible (unexpected surprises such as weather woes may require a location change or full reschedule). Below are some location ideas for your engagement shoot.

  • On the Water: Tide pools, ocean overlooks, or the beaches can make a stunning backdrop for your engagement shots.
  • Walking Trails: Opt for a less-traveled path rather than going to your nearest trail. Think about national or local parks or hidden-gem trails in isolated places.
  • Southern California: Joshua Tree National Park and the incredible Kelso Dunes and Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes are among the popular places, but Southern California offers lots of stunning locales for some dreamy engagement photographs.

City Engagement Pictures

If the two of you fancy yourselves as more urban-dwellers compared to outdoor adventurers, a city engagement photoshoot may be for you.

Discuss timing with your engagement photographer in advance: you want to have the best possible lighting captured, while also dealing with crowds and any programs that may be happening there. Here are our best location ideas for a city engagement shoot.

  • Your Favorite Coffee Shop or Restaurant: We like the idea of taking intimate and low-key photos by shooting at simple and sweet restaurants or coffee shops which means something special to you – particularly if that establishment happens to have an exceptionally stunning aesthetic.
  • Near Landmarks Having a Special Significance to You: Whether it is a building in the premises of your former university or the place where you got engaged, if there is a landmark which has a special significance to both of you, think about using it as the backdrop for your photographs.
  • New York City: Southern California often takes the cake when it comes to outdoor engagement photos, but we happen to feel NYC is the best option for city photoshoots. Some of the popular places for this are the Brooklyn Bridge, New York Public Library, Coney Island, and The Plaza.

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