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Things To Know About Accent Diamonds

Types Of Accent Diamonds
Types Of Accent Diamonds
Types Of Accent Diamonds

Diamond accents are small diamonds that are placed next to larger stones in jewelry. The larger stones could be diamonds or some other precious stones. Diamond accents serve the purpose of enhancing the overall look of the diamond jewelry and adding some extra volume to it.

What Are The Common Types Of Accent Diamonds?

Here are the three popular shapes of accent diamonds.

Trillion Cut Diamond

Trillion cut diamonds are known for their unique triangular shape and great table width that makes the ring look bigger. Its characteristic triangular shape follows the ringā€™s natural curve so well. Trillion cut accents tone with radiant and princess cut diamonds well. They also look great in a three-stone setting with cushion cut or round brilliant center stones.

Baguette Diamond

Baguette diamonds are considered to be great accents because of their large table size and excellent symmetry. The baguette accent diamonds go well with round and cushion-cut diamonds that are commonly used as center stones in diamond rings.

Because they are available in many small carat weights, baguette accents go well with almost all budget choices. However, do not expect their sparkle to be as good as that of round cut or trillion cut accent diamonds.

Baguette accent diamonds come in two forms, tapered and straight. The tapered shape has a slightly larger width on its one end, which lets the diamond follow the natural curve of the ring.

On the other hand, straight baguettes are rectangular and have larger table sizes, making them look larger. Straight baguette accent diamonds are mostly arranged in a row making the row look like a full diamond band.

Small Round Diamond

The small round diamond is one of the most popular accent diamond shapes as it goes well with almost all types of center diamonds.

The diamonds look great in a side-stone, three-stone, channel, or pave ring setting.

Center Stone And Accent Stones

When choosing an accent diamond, compare its color and clarity with that of the center stone. The center stone should be the most colorless stone in the ring. The accent diamonds should be 1-3 color grades lower than that of the center stone so that all of the attention is on the center stone.

The same is the case of clarity. The clarity grade of the accent stones should be 1-2 grades lower than that of the center stone.

Choosing your accent diamonds after adequate research ensures that the ring looks perfect.

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