Popular Diamond Rings

The Most Popular Diamond Rings Designs

Most Popular Diamond Rings
Most Popular Diamond Rings
Most Popular Diamond Rings

Engagement rings are a token of everlasting love and commitment, but these pieces of jewelry are subject to certain trends. Some designs, such as solitaire, are classic and will constantly be in demand. Some rings are more popular than others.

After determining how much money you wish to spend on a ring, comes the fun aspect of shopping, which is choosing the design of it. Besides working with a jeweler to make your own ring, you can also browse through a selection of designs for the perfect jewelry piece. We have compiled this list of the most popular diamond rings designs to help you narrow down your options.

Round Cut

The round brilliant diamond regained popularity last year, and we expect it to be trendy in 2020 as well. The round-shaped diamond style is classic and the priciest option of the lot. It usually has better light performance than fancy-shaped diamonds because of how the shape is achieved. A round brilliant cut diamond has 58 facets, including the culet.

Jewelers work with people to design a unique piece, like a diamond halo transformed from pear and marquise shapes, and finer details below the gemstone.


Both antique styles and vintage designs make great options. You may be choosing a piece from a jewelry store specializing in vintage pieces, already having an heirloom, or choosing between multiple antique-inspired pieces. No matter which you route you go down, you have endless options to pick from. Antique rings are one-of-a-kind and differ from one another by the period these emulate.

For instance, you might pick between a 1930’s Art Deco style and floral style reminiscent of rings from an earlier period. Just look at the Art Nouveau ring of singer Miley Cyrus for further evidence that antique pieces are essential.

Antique rings have intricate designs and patterns formed with diamond settings. These tend to be manually cut, which makes each diamond unique.

Pave Diamonds

These are diamonds set so close together that very little space is visible between them, making the appearance of continuous shine. Pave-set diamonds are usually put around a bigger centerpiece as a design element, which enhances that center stone’s brilliance. Lately, there has been a rise in pave engagement ring design for brides-to-be who love more sparkle and luxury.

Oval Cut

An oval-shaped diamond is popular mostly because it blends the beauty of the emerald-cut diamond with a round-cut stone’s brilliance. Oval diamonds are timeless and look fabulous when used as a solitaire or when these are encircled by smaller stones. An example of a ring with the oval centerpiece surrounded by tinier diamonds is that of actor Blake Lively. The American actress’s ring has Art Deco design elements too.

Mixed Gemstones

The year 2019 saw an elegant trend of mixed stones to accompany larger diamonds. Choose eye-catchy emerald, sapphire or garnet to incorporate into your fiancée’s engagement ring, and thus, her centerpiece will be more noticeable. Some engagement rings have an alternative gemstone encircled by diamonds, whereas other pieces are designed with a diamond at the center that is flanked by more colorful gems.

The gemstones to accompany your diamond can have a special meaning, like birthstones, or these may be picked for the color and visual appeal.

Minimalist Modern

Engagement rings with a modern style have an elegant and clean design, instead of styles such as pave or antique. If your intended prefers a minimalist design, search for emerald shaped diamonds or other gemstones having fewer facets that look modern and sleek.

A modern style usually has a solitaire, or a bigger stone flanked by multiple smaller diamonds, instead of multiple-diamond clusters seen in other designs.


Halo diamond rings are eye-catching, thanks to their one-of-a-kind design. It is among the most popular diamond rings settings. In the halo design, small diamonds surround a bigger centerpiece as if these are floating. Some designers prefer most to work with micro-halos. They do not really fancy a chunky diamond halo, because it often takes the attention away from the centerpeice stone. Therefore, their designs include smaller diamond halo settings. A  smartly designed setting will make the center gemstone stand out, and halo is ideal for a bohemian bride or one who likes statement pieces.

Diamond Bands

The bands similar in style to engagement rings have no bigger center stone, plus these are a trendy option for brides preferring simpler styles. Such an engagement ring can have a row of gemstones, which may be visible only on the engagement finger’s front part or may extend around the whole ring.

Diamond-set bands are trendy among brides who wish not to wear their wedding band and engagement ring together.

Stacked Bands

That said, the stacked band look is here to stay in bridal jewelry. If a usual wedding band will not quite work for your lover, you will be glad to know stacked bands are well and truly back in vogue. Tell your lover to couple her engagement piece with a band or two to elevate the look.

Custom Design

If she does not prefer a readymade ring, then look to have one customized for her. This is the right time to adopt a custom engagement ring. Jewelers love to make a more personalized piece, which incorporates more design flexibility and comes with face-to-face discussions between you and them. Custom jewelry making gives people the chance to include the element they want to in the design.

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