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Common Engagement Rings
Common Engagement Rings

When you consider engagement rings, you perhaps picture a shining center stone with smaller gems around it. You may imagine white diamonds, as these have long been the trendiest symbols of commitment. However, conventions around engagement jewelry have loosened over the last ten years as unique designs and colored stones become prevalent on celebrity fingers and social media. Several jewelers offer rings for engagements with pearl, ruby, sapphire and imperfect diamonds for couples who seek more affordable or idiosyncratic jewelry. By imperfect diamonds, we are referring to raw diamonds with pink or brown hues or speckled with gray shades.

The jewelry industry now has a shift in customer attitudes toward engagement rings. Instead of common engagement rings, customers feel that their pieces of engagement jewelry should make their future partners happy. Nevertheless, if a recent Knot survey is anything to go by, diamonds reign supreme event today. In the survey, 86% of respondents from the US prefer diamonds as their engagement ring centerpieces. The second most popular centerpiece stone option among the survey respondents for engagement jewelry is moissanite.

Customers regard the non-white color as a case of diamond imperfection. Diamonds with a gray and speckled appearance have white and black internal flaws. Customers did not regard diamonds with a light brown to yellow color, known as champagne diamonds, as valuable diamonds due to the presence of that color. Several high-profile colored diamond engagement rings have been on celebrity engagement fingers for a long time now. However, even as the price and size of celebrity engagement jewelry ballooned, it mostly stayed conventional in color.

That has changed over the last few years; the forms of rings that celebrities use signal the same thing. Singer Ariana Grande and actor Emma Stone wear rings with pearl stones. Actor Elizabeth Olsen rocks an emerald engagement ring with a diamond halo design. Princess Eugenie wears an orange sapphire that weighs 20 carats as well as has a tint of pink and diamonds set around it. On the other hand, singer Katy Perry wears a red ruby engagement ring with diamonds around the red stone.

Brown diamonds are also pretty much in the popularity conversation. Actor Kate Hudson at the recent Met Gala debuted her engagement ring with a brown diamond at the center. People would not consider using brown diamonds as their engagement ring center stones ten years ago. However, those are now part of popular diamond rings. Hudson exemplifies the modern woman with the courage to make a unique move with regard to engagement jewelry.

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