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Most Popular Celebrity Diamonds and Jewelry from Oscars 2019

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Popular engagement ring settings impress celebrities all the time, and when they flaunt one, the style becomes all the more eminent. The Academy Awards 2019 also witnessed many celebrities sporting popular diamonds and other types of jewelry. Below is our pick of the best ones of the night.

Lady Gaga

The “A Star is Born” actress arrived at the Oscars 2019 Red Carpet sporting a fancy yellow diamond, weighing 128.54 carats, as an elegant pendant attached to one necklace featuring white and yellow diamond earrings. The branded yellow diamond was worn the last time by actor Audrey Hepburn. This yellow diamond piece was a statement from Lady Gaga in an otherwise subdued show of jewelry at the event.

Billy Porter

Billy Porter is the next one in the list. In addition to his velvet tuxedo gown, Porter also wore a number of jewelry pieces, comprising a fancy diamond ring, fancy diamond brooch, diamond necklace, and bracelet. The diamond ring he wore to the red carpet cost 900,000 dollars, while the brooch cost 4,000 dollars more. The necklace and bracelet cost 700,000 and 390,000 dollars respectively.

Amy Adams

The star, who portrayed Lois Lane in the DCEU movies, walked the Academy Awards Red Carpet wearing vintage diamond, white gold, and platinum jewelry, comprising a clip brooch from 1935; platinum and diamonds earrings from 1934; bracelet from 1937; and, a ring from circa 2005. While the necklace, brooch, and bracelet hail from Paris city, the earrings come from London.

Glenn Close

Glenn Close also wore many jewelry pieces to the Oscars 2019, comprising diamond earrings and two diamond rings. While her diamond earrings trace back to 1990, her diamond rings trace back to 1970 and 1995. Yellow gold and platinum metals were mainly used in the jewelry items that the actor wore to the event.

Regina King

The actor, who played a key role in “If Beale Street Could Talk”, wore earrings that featured diamonds, a ring with round brilliant diamond, diamond bracelet, and more to the Oscars night. All her diamond jewelry pieces were notable for the considerable diamond carat weight, especially the bracelet that featured diamonds weighing in excess of 53 carats.

Gemma Chan

The actress wore two different pairs of emerald and diamond earrings, only to make her own unique “mismatched” moment of the Academy Awards evening. She completed the look with a ring and bracelet that feature diamonds weighing in excess of 25 carats in all.

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