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Diamond Engagement Ring Trends to Look for in 2019

Most Popular Diamond Ring Settings
Popular Diamond Rings
Diamond Engagement Ring Trends

Diamond engagement ring trends tend to change frequently, and hence, it will be really challenging to get a starting point for your diamond ring search. After all, there are numerous diamond shapes, cuts, settings, metals, etc., that looks equally appealing. Usually, people may look for the popular diamond rings that are currently ruling the field for this. If you are planning to get engaged in 2019, below are some of the popular ring styles that you can steal.

Halo Diamond Rings

Halo diamond ring setting is the second most popular option after the traditional solitaire ring setting. Currently, you can see an upsurge in the halo diamond ring styles. In this setting, a medium-sized center stone will be encircled with a halo of tiny diamond accents. This will instantly lift up the overall size as well as the sparkle of your diamond engagement ring, thereby, offering the best bang for your bucks.

There are mainly three types of halo settings: standard, floating, and multiple. Floating halo rings are characterized by a diamond halo that is set a step lower to the main gemstone. This will create an illusion of the diamond floating in the air. People who love to stand a step ahead of fashion often go for this popular diamond rings. In multiple halo setting, the center stone will be surrounded by more than one halo. This style will be perfect for the brides who admire vintage or sophisticated diamond ring designs.

Fancy Cut Diamonds

Another trending option that is raging in the diamond ring field these days are fancy cut diamonds. The main advantage of fancy cut stones is their affordability when compared to the conventional diamond ring choices. Plus, the unique cuts of such diamonds make them appear bigger than their actual carat weight. Their ability to enhance the appeal of the stone as well as the finger of the wearer is also commendable. Needless to mention, the fancy cut diamonds gain immense popularity as the celebrities started to step out flaunting these unique beauties.

Diamond Rings with Multiple Stones

Diamond rings will multiple stones are gaining huge popularity these days. The designs of such multi-stone sparklers range from the classic three stone diamond rings to stylish diamond-encrusted bands. This will be a great choice for all the couples who love trying innovative designs by mixing diamonds of different shapes and size. Without any doubts, you can stand out from the rest of the crowd by wearing signature multi-stone diamond rings. Besides, multi-diamond rings will be way less expensive when compared to solitaire diamond rings of similar carat weight.

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