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An Ultimate Guide to Clean your Platinum Diamond Ring

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Diamond Ring Cleaning Tips

Due to the durability, luster, and strength, platinum is one of the most preferred metal choices for a diamond ring. A diamond ring that has been molded by a platinum shielding is inevitable to look classy and royal. Platinum and diamonds make a great stunning combo together and still is one of the most popular diamond rings chosen as the eternal engagement rings. It is worthwhile to provide the utmost care to your ring. Below are some significant guidelines to sustain your platinum diamond ring as it is forever.

The Use of Ammonia

Even though it sounds a bit scary, Ammonia is that magical element which has got useful cleansing properties to its credit. Rings can be cleaned quite effectively with the natural product that is actually safe. Nevertheless, you must make sure to wear goggles and solves to save yourself from the burning sensation it creates to the throat and eyes. Moreover, it is always better to stay in a ventilated space to work with chemicals like Ammonia.

Platinum ring with soft gemstones is a great no-no to be cleaned with Ammonia, as the stones are quite prone to get damaged with it. Fortunately, the product is not going to cause any effect on hard diamonds.

This cleaning method can be pursued by soaking the platinum rings for 20 to 30 minutes in a solution of Ammonia, on which the quantity of water is double that of the Ammonia. Use a soft toothbrush to clean all those clinging grimes from that of the ring after taking them from the ammonia solution with a glove. Once brushing out smoothly, give a thorough wash to remove every nuance of Ammonia from it. Before using them, do not forget to dry them very well.

Use Metal Friendly Chemicals

While cleaning your special platinum diamond ring, you need to double check that you are not exposing it to any harmful chemicals. The act may lead to the breaking down of base metals which makes ugly stains in the metal of the ring. The most harmful chemical in the list would be of Acetone, Bleach, and Chlorine. Some people prefer using toothpaste or powdered cleaners. Unfortunately, these simple though risky abrasive cleaners will cause scratches, losing its very luster. 

Careful use of Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners for Platinum

Though easy and assessable, the ultrasonic jewelry cleaners can often create havoc by dislodging the gemstones and weakening the prongs. Usually, the mountings of platinum rings are quite strong that clasp the diamonds securely. However, problems arise at the working of the ultrasonic cleaners if the settings of the rings are not up to the mark, that situation has got the highest tendency to misplace the stones from the platinum rings. Considering this very fact, pave setting is deemed as the most dangerous lot with numerous little diamonds arranged in it.

Untreated and natural stones free of inclusions that are in ideal condition with a better setting like that of a bezel is considered most safe to use in the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Checking this condition of the ring with a jeweler is a clever idea.

The chances of the stones to get accentuate is much higher with the use of ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. It may even lead to cracking of the stones. Hence, it is always better for the precious platinum diamond to not to use the ultrasonic jewelry cleaners.

Cleaning at Home

While all other methods for washing your platinum ring, merely cleaning your sweet possession at your home, at your comfort is still considered as the most economical and practical method to sustain the luster of the ring. It could be a simple wash with mild soap and water that removes the dirt, pollutants and even grime of cosmetics.

For such a cleaning, create a sudsy enough with mild liquid soap and water. To this solution immerse your platinum ring, after 30 to 40 minutes take them out and clean with a toothbrush. Special care has to be taken to clean those parts under the rings and proximal to the prongs. Rinse the ring thoroughly with enough water and dry with a cloth. Ensure that the cloth chosen is lint free.

Yet another useful tip to bring extra shine to your platinum rings is buffing the rings frequently with a delicately woven jewelry cleaning cloth. Always opt for a better quality lint-free cloth to ensure a polishing shine.

Other Tips for Caring Platinum Rings

Beside the mentioned techniques to retain the luster and durability of the platinum diamond rings, there are various other simple tips for sustaining its beauty. It may include the storing of the rings in a dry place free of any moisture or air. A fabric lined box or separate pouch would save the ring from any potential damage or other scratches.

Keeping the rings aloof of dirt which may cause grime in the future should be avoided; for which doing outdoor activities like gardening and cleaning with your rings on should be averted. Apart from this, there are chances of accumulating oily residue after doing make-up or any similar things, which may be wiped out ASAP !!

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