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An Evaluation About Different Colors in Diamonds

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When going for diamond ring shopping, you must have noticed that most of the rings will be featuring colorless diamonds. This is a traditional option found in most popular rings as a colorless diamond is the most sought out one among all the diamond colors. The great value and the magnificent brilliance these stones exhibit are the main factors that attract people towards colorless diamonds.

However, this is not the only option available to you. There are a lot of other colors available in diamonds, which are known as fancy colored diamonds that are very rare and really stunning. You can give them a choice if you like colors in general or want to add a special and unique appeal for your rings. In fact, colored diamonds are becoming a popular choice in new style diamond rings. Therefore, we list different colors found in diamonds through this article. Knowing them will help you to find an ideal color that is perfect for you.

Yellow diamonds

Yellow is the most wide-spread color among all the fancy colored diamonds. They are available in a wide variety of shades and shapes. The yellow diamonds got their particular color from the presence of nitrogen gas. Yellow diamonds can also have the presence of some secondary colors too, and these colors usually would be brown-yellow, green-yellow and orange-yellow. This color difference is caused by the varying levels of nitrogen gas present in them.

Brown diamonds

Brown is the most ordinary color in diamonds and is available at almost all of the mines in the world. They also have the lowest price among all the fancy colors. Now, yellow diamonds are gaining more popularity because of the huge marketing drive from some famous retailers.

The color of brown diamonds is caused by their inner graining that is the result of a structural non-uniformity in the crystal lattice of a diamond. Common secondary colors found in this stone include orange-brown, yellow-brown and pink-brown.

Pink diamonds

This is one of the most desirable colors in diamonds. Some high profile pink diamonds were the main attraction in some famous auction conducted worldwide. It is very rare and hence has great value. Pink diamonds are available in varying color intensities. This color is caused by a combination of impurities and color graining that resulted from the structural unevenness of these diamonds. Orange-pink, brown-pink and purple-pink are the common secondary colors.

Blue diamonds

This is an exceptionally rare color in diamonds. It has managed to achieve record prices in some auctions. The price of blue diamonds will considerably increase based on their size and rarity. The blue color is attributed to the presence of boron in them. Common secondary color of this stone includes greenish-blue and grayish-blue.

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