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Princess cut diamonds are much popular since the time of its creation. It is the most sought out diamond shape after the round brilliant diamonds. These diamonds exhibit magnificent sparkle and brilliance, even though it cannot be matched with a round brilliant. Also, they are less costly than round diamonds. This made princess-cut diamonds one of the most popular wedding ring styles across the entire world. They are also widely used in engagement rings as well. One of the main advantages of princess-cut diamonds is that they can be used for any occasion.

People who want a different look from that of a traditional round diamond but still need a great sparkle choose princess diamonds. It has a rectangular shape with sharp corners that will give you a bold and edgy look.

Things to Know before Buying Princess-Cut Diamonds

You have to consider certain things before planning to buy a princess diamond. They include:


If you want the sparkle of a round brilliant diamond, then you may get disappointed. Even though princess diamonds still have great sparkle, they cannot be matched with the brilliance and sparkle exhibited by round diamonds. These diamonds catch a good amount of light but the ability to reflect this light is poor. However, don’t get disheartened as these diamonds have a lot of other wonderful features that will compensate for the lack of sparkle.


One of the most desirable features of princess-cut diamonds is their low cost. When compared to round diamonds they are significantly less expensive. The main reason for this price difference is that, the wastage of the raw diamond is less for princess diamonds when compared to the wastage ofa round brilliant diamond. Many people love this cut because of its appearance, and the cost is an added benefit.


Second to the round brilliant diamond, princess-cut diamonds have gained huge popularity across the whole world. A lot of people admire this design because of its special appeal. If you want a fashionable look, this is a great choice for you. This is a perfect choice for those who want to add a stunning twist for their engagement ring or wedding band.

Princess-cut diamonds will look bigger than a round stone of the same carat weight. Hence, you will be able to get a larger stone for a lower amount. This is another factor that increased the popularity of princess diamonds. Therefore, this has become one of the most popular wedding ring styles among brides from all over the world.


Ensuring the quality of the diamond you buy is very important, as it will decide the value of your diamond. Make sure that it has good cut quality and polish. When you buy a diamond, check its grading report to verify its features including cut, color, clarity, carat weight, etc. This will help you to ensure that the stone you buy has all the desired qualities.

Princess-Cut Ring Styles

Princess-cut diamonds create one of the most popular wedding ring styles. You can see a wide range of ring designs and settings with princess diamonds. The daring sharp edges and corners made this shape a great choice for including in top engagement ring styles. The most popular setting for this stone includes the princess cut solitaire, but you don’t have to limit your options with only this choice, as there are a lot of other enormous possibilities for you.

Another wonderful option is the princess cut halo engagement rings and wedding bands. This will give a bigger look for your center stone. Also, princess diamonds will only cost 25-40% less than their round counterparts, hence it can be a great way to save money.

Personalizing your Princess-Cut Engagement Ring

If you are planning to purchase a princess-cut engagement ring, you will mostly see solitaire and halo rings. However, it does not mean that these are your only options. You can choose to make your ring special and unique by customizing it. You can add different features to your ring as you like.

Go for a split shank design if you want an elegant as well as a distinct look. You may choose to embed accent stones on your shank also for adding more bling. You can also choose to differ in the metal options. A princess-cut diamond that is set in platinum or white gold is a classic option. But if you want a different look, choose yellow gold or rose gold.

Browse the internet for getting more wonderful ideas for customizing your princess-cut engagement ring and wedding band. There will an enormous number of options available for you here. If you cannot find a perfect design that is right for you from a shop, don’t worry. There are a lot of online stores that sell a variety of options that are promised to meet your requirements.

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