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What Does Your Selection Of Diamond Shapes Say About You?

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Round Cut Diamonds
Round Cut Diamonds

Your choice of diamond shape can tell a lot about you. Oftentimes, the first step in the selection of a diamond engagement ring is choosing the shape of the diamond or cuts that you like the most. Some of the most popular diamond shapes are round, princess, marquise, etc. The shape of a diamond refers to the form of a diamond when viewed from above.

Even though round and brilliant-cut are the most popular among diamond shapes, there are also oval, radiant, princess, marquise, or cushion-cut diamonds for you to choose from. Let us see what the choice of diamond shape can tell about you.

Round Diamonds

Round cut diamonds are the most popular among all diamond shapes. These classic and simple diamonds are made to offer the maximum sparkle. As per the diamond experts, this shape of diamond is preferred by women who love tradition, simplicity, and elegance. Round cut diamonds are classic and whether you are in search of a pave halo diamond or a solitaire diamond ring, round diamonds can be your best option.

Round cut diamonds are distinguished by their 58 facets and 360-degree symmetrical shape and offer the maximum return of light. The shape of these diamonds symbolizes a love that is unending.

Princess-Cut Diamonds

These diamonds are chosen by those who need a square-shaped diamond that provides the equivalent brilliance of a round cut diamond. This diamond shape is chosen by women who love the excitement and are truly romantic at heart. Princess cut diamonds are called the hopeless romanticā€ of all the popular diamond shapes and some people even refer to the princess cut diamonds as square diamonds.

These diamonds are designed in a way to maximize the brilliance and sparkle of the stone while maintaining an attractive square shape. This cut was introduced in the early 1960s and was called the profile cut. Princess cut diamonds have the same sparkle and brilliance as a round cut and has an attractive square shape.

Oval-Cut Diamonds

Oval cut diamonds are elongated and have an elegant and captivating shape. This diamond shape is preferred by women who have a flair for creative and unique things. Oval cuts are ideal for those who are in search of a unique shaped diamond. Moreover, this diamond cut can accentuate long and slender fingers. These diamonds are for those who like to stay ahead of the trends and need a classic and elegant stone.

So what does your choice of diamond shape for your engagement or wedding ring says about you?

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