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This Study on Popular Ring Styles Contains Interesting Findings

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Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles
Popular Ring Styles

As per the data from The Knot, the official season of engagements is between November and February. This is when most couples looking to buy jewelry. If you are short on inspiration, then you will naturally search the most popular engagement ring styles online. Unsurprisingly, the number one spot goes to the solitaire. However, The Knot discovered that rings with other styles are gaining traction, particularly now that pairs are seeking to know how to make their engagement pieces more one of a kind.

Their annual Jewelry and Engagement Study discovered that over 45% of marriage proposers buy a custom-made piece for the event, while 85% chose a finished one. Most proposees utilize social networking websites for engagement ring inspiration.

The Knot’s Chief Editor, Kristen Cooper said, “Today’s couples are more diverse than ever before, and what makes each proposal, wedding, and even registry unique is the celebrating of two individuals and their love story.” Cooper is alluding to the way couples propose, that some pop the question differently from how others have traditionally been doing it.

Do you know that some guys are even choosing not to go down on one knee while at it? This is bucking the tradition of the highest sort, but even they are choosing engagement rings. For some reason, the age-old tradition of giving an engagement ring to the lady during the proposal is not going anywhere. So are diamonds, something which is indicated by the fact that 90% of the survey responders said that they chose one for their proposal.

Other gemstones are also gaining traction, reports The Knot. Moissanite, sapphire, morganite, and aquamarine are the trendiest alternatives to diamonds. In their 2017 study, 10% of responders said that they were choosing moissanite, the diamond-like stone named after Henry Mason. That figure has gone up by 9%, as shown in the 2019 study findings. A surprise entry in this list is morganite, a stone one has hardly heard of a few years ago. As per the jewelry industry experts, morganite with a rose tint is a perfect match for the rose gold band. The Gemological Institute of America notes that the rose tint is trendier in today’s jewelry market.

For the minority who are seeking something totally different, it is also getting increasingly a popular option to not have an engagement ring. Although 96% of the respondent couples choose it, The Knot reports that the rest instead choose alternatives such as “watches, bracelets, gifting a vacation, or even a down payment on a house.”

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