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When shopping for a diamond ring, you can see a wide range of options that varies greatly in terms of the shape and color of the diamonds, diamond setting, design, and the metal used, etc. Ring mounting is an important factor you have to consider when buying a ring for you, as it can have a great impact on the appeal of your ring. The following are some of the important elements you have to consider when mounting your ring. This will be useful for you to get popular diamond rings that can help you grab the attention of others.

Type Of Setting

There are different types of settings used in popular engagement rings. The prong setting and bezel setting are the basic forms of settings used in diamond jewelry. Prong setting gives more visibility to your stone. It holds the stone in place using prongs which are claw-like structures that hold the diamond. Bezel setting will provide less visibility for the stone, as this setting will cover the stone with the metal. However, it can provide more security for the diamond when compared to the prong setting.

In addition to this, you might also see the solitaire setting, halo setting, and channel setting, etc. which can enhance the beauty of your ordinary ring. If you want a simple setting, then it is better to go for a solitaire setting. If you want to add more sparkle to your ring, then you can go for a halo setting, and channel setting, etc.

Mounting Size

You have to choose a mounting size that is proportionate to your stone. If the stone is small, then mounting them on a wideband will not be a good idea, as it will make the stone look even smaller. Hence, you have to consider the size of the stone when choosing the size of the band for mounting.

Color Of The Stone

You have to choose the metal for mounting based on the diamond’s color. Choose yellow gold to mask the tint, if your diamond has a yellow tint. If you have a nearly colorless stone, then choose platinum or white gold for enhancing its brilliance.

There are different factors you have to consider when mounting your diamond in a ring. Make sure that the setting, size, and type of the metal used in the mounting will match your stone. This will help you to get the best ring that will enable you to stand out amongst others.

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