Most Popular Engagement Rings

Popular Engagement Ring Styles From 1900s To 1960s

Popular Engagement Ring Styles
Popular Engagement Ring Styles
Popular Engagement Ring Styles

The engagement rings style that is more popular and the stereotypical image used is the solitaire on a simple band. This style has become more popular in the present, but it was not always like this. You must keep in mind that the design and style of engagement rings are very much influenced by the art and culture of the decade in which it is made. In this article, we will look at the most popular engagement ring styles from the 1900s to the 1960s; read on to know more about them.

The 1900s

This is the period of the industrial revolution, and the growing middle class looks at the diamond engagement ring as a social norm. During this period, popular engagement ring styles were inspired by French lace fashions, and they were called Edwardian rings. The center stone is set into the band that is adorned with filigree details. Yellow gold and platinum were the two common band materials used during this era.

The 1910s

In the 1910s, the size of the gems used grew bigger. This is because the settings were less intricate, and they could support larger center stones. One of the most popular engagement ring styles of this era is the entwined Toi et Moi style.

The 1920s

The 1920s is the era of art deco, and it ushered in the use of angular geometry and bold lines in fashion and jewelry designs. During this era, geometric rings with colorful stones, streamlined and blocky designs, with shapely patterns were the norm for engagement ring styles.

The 1930s

This is the era between the great wars that also witnessed the great depression. So, the designs of engagement and wedding rings were toned down. During this time, round-cut diamond engagement rings with a simple design and feminine touches grew in popularity.

The 1940s

During the 1940s, the most popular engagement ring styles were loose, circular settings, with bows and flowers. The ring material of choice was gold because platinum was scarce due to the war efforts.

The 1950s

During the 1950s the economy was back on track and people were flush with money. The popular engagement ring styles of this decade were characterized by center stones with new shapes and fancy cuts. For example, teardrop and marquise-cut diamonds were set on solid gold bands.

The 1960s

During the 1960s, the art deco style made a return, and women preferred diamond engagement rings with angular and geometric designs.

We hope that the details shared above gave you a good understanding of popular engagement ring styles from the 1900s to the 1960s.

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