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How to Have a Book Themed Wedding?

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If you are a bookish person, you will know how important books are in your life. When thinking of your marriage day, there is nothing else more exciting than planning it as a book-themed wedding. This can be more personal if it is a book or library or a bookstore that made you meet for the first time. Sometimes it may be that both of you are writers or one a writer and one a reader. Whatever be the case, planning a book-themed wedding will be in your best interests if you and your partner love books.

Here are some ideas, which can prove helpful to you in your planning for a book-themed wedding.

Make a Bookstore as your Venue

This can be the most exciting thing to do in your marriage as a book lover. You can choose to have your marriage solemnized in a bookstore or a library near you. You may arrange the venue inside a large reading room in the library. Many of the big libraries offer rental options for the wedding. It will be an amazing experience to be surrounded by the people and books you love the most, while you begin a new journey together.

Do Creative Save the Dates and Invites

There are amazing bookish ways in which you can do the save the date part and prepare invites. Choose to make a save the date using the library card. The cards used to remind the due date of a book can be used to remind your marriage date. You can also create bookmarks featuring your picture and the details of the day as you want it to be. Some of your favorite quotes can find their way to the other side of the bookmark. You can distribute these bookmarks to all the guests so that they may take them home and keep it in memory of the day.

Use the Theme of your Favorite Book

If you and your partner love the works of the same author, you can center the marriage on the theme of the book series or a particular book. This can be a dream wedding for you, which you will never want to forget. Make sure you honor the author through all the creative works you do.

Use Paper Flowers for Decoration

You may choose to decorate the wedding venue and the stage with paper flowers. You can create bookish bouquets. You can do this at home, or you may appoint someone to do it for you. Centerpieces can be made from paper and kept on a stack of books to give a special feel.

Think of many more creative ways to have an excellent book-themed wedding.

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