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Celtic design is very popular in engagement rings. These designs that are originated from Ireland have gained huge popularity across the world. If you want to add more charm to your engagement rings, these designs are a great choice for you. Following are some of the common Celtic designs that are found on some of the most popular engagement rings.

Meaning of Celtic Designs

These ring designs symbolize love, friendship and loyalty, hence they became a great choice for most popular engagement rings. The distinctive designs of these rings give them a unique identity and an old charm that can be traced back to several hundred years. During the early periods, rings with this design were always made of gold, but now they have adapted new styles to match the modern lifestyle but still keeping their special meaning.

Popular Celtic Ring Designs

Trinity Knot

One of the popular ring styles in Celtic design is the trinity knot. This design has a triangularly shaped knot and contains three distinct points. This symbol is especially sought out by Christians, as they associate these three knots with the Holy Trinity which includes the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. It is also used to represent eternity, hence, it makes a great choice for engagement rings.

Trinity Spiral

Spirals are often incorporated into Celtic-inspired rings for giving them a sophisticated and bold look. Many people see the spiral design as a symbol that signifies the harmony between nature and humans. Some others believe that spirals are an indication of inner peace and balance. Even though there are conflicts in deciding the inner meaning of this design, there is no conflict regarding its beauty.

These symbols were used in jewelry designs for centuries and are still remaining as one of the trending designs in engagement rings. It is also promised to remain popular in the future too. People from all over the world adore this design, hence they create a wonderful option for engagement rings.

How to Wear Celtic Rings?

Celtic rings represent heavy symbolism, therefore they convey certain messages to potential suitors. Hence, the way a Celtic ring is worn has great importance.

If the person wearing this ring is engaged or married, then it is worn on the left hand in a way that the crown is pointed away from the personā€™s heart. If the wearer of the ring is willing to consider a romantic relationship, then it will be worn on the left hand such that the crown is pointing away from her heart. If the person is not interested in a relationship, then the ring will be worn on the right hand in a manner that the crown is pointing towards her heart.

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