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A History Of The Evolution Of Popular Engagement Ring Styles

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Popular Engagement Ring Styles
Popular Engagement Ring Styles

Engagement rings have been part of the western culture since Roman times. During ancient times, an iron ring was gifted to the partner, and it was worn on the fourth finger. Nowadays, this tradition is followed in almost all parts of the world irrespective of culture or religion. Because of this, engagement rings are the most important part of all engagement functions, and they must embody the spirit of the event. So, couples pay special attention to the design of these rings. The purpose of this article is to explore the evolution of popular engagement ring styles.

Diamond Engagement Rings

The tradition of gifting a diamond engagement ring began in 1477 when the Archduke Maximillian of Austria gifted Mary of Burgundy a gold ring with diamonds arranged on it like the letter M. Over the years, the styles of engagement rings evolved, i.e. from Poesy rings to Edwardian rings.

Evolution Of Diamond Ring Styles

1920’s: Asscher And Emerald Cut Diamonds

In the 1920s the diamond engagement ring style was influenced by the Art Deco scene that was prevalent at the time. This inclined towards designs that had geometric shapes and sharp lines. Asscher and emerald-cut diamonds fit the bill because they looked neat and sleek due to the parallel facets. Besides, jewelers began using platinum as the ring material during this time.

1930’s: Round Diamonds

By the 1930s, the engagement ring style moved toward more elegant and graceful designs that have a soft feminine quality to it. Some of the ring design elements used during this time are bows, ribbons, and lace. So, jewelers began using diamond shapes that complemented this, and hence round diamonds became the preferred choice.

1940’s: Round Diamonds

“A Diamond Is Forever” De Beers campaign in 1947 made diamonds precedent stone for engagement rings. Besides, round diamonds became the desired choice because they were marketed as a timeless shape.

1950’s: Pear Cut Diamonds

During the 1950s, great attention was given to the craftsmanship of engagement rings. Fine details, engravings, braided patterns, and large center stones like pear cut diamonds were used.

1960’s: Asscher Cut Diamonds

During the 1960s, art deco style returned, and Asscher cut diamond engagement rings were popular during this decade.

1970’s: Emerald Cut Diamonds

By the 1970s, emerald-cut diamond engagement rings became the shape of choice due to their sleek and modern flair.

1980’s: Round Diamonds

During the 1980s, colored gemstones like sapphire were popular. But round brilliant cut diamonds were still considered timeless.

1990’s: Marquise Diamonds

More diamond ring designs became available to the bride-to-be with internet accessibility. Marquise cut diamonds became popular due to their bold shape with sharp edges.

2000’s: Princess Cut Diamonds

In the 2000s, there was a return to classic designs like solitaire rings with princess cut diamonds

2010’s: Cushion Cut Diamonds

During this decade, cushion cut diamonds became the shape of choice because they complemented the halo ring design that was popular at the time.

Present: Oval Diamonds

Oval diamonds are popular because they can be set horizontally or vertically on diamond engagement rings.

We hope that the details gave you a good understanding of the history of popular engagement ring styles.

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