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Which Diamond Cuts Are Popular In Engagement Rings?

People always search for popular engagement ring styles that are stunning and attractive. They tend to experiment with different diamond cuts, ring settings, designs, etc. for creating the best engagement ring for them. A wide range of diamond cuts are available at RockHer where they make it possible for you to add a new and unique look to your ring. These diamond cuts will provide you wonderful options for making your engagement rings spectacular and one of a kind.

Which Diamond Cut Is Best For Your Engagement Ring?

With the advancements in technology, diamond cuts have become more precise and accurate. Diamond cutters are always in the quest for finding out new diamond cuts and shapes that could bring out the beauty of a diamond to its fullest, and the technology has helped them to create a variety of shapes that entranced the diamond lovers.

Now there are a lot of diamond shapes available for you to set in your engagement ring. The commonly found diamond shapes include round brilliant, princess, cushion, pear, heart, oval, emerald and marquise cuts. Each of these cuts has its own specialties and characteristics. Among them, round brilliant is the commonly found shape that is used by most of the people. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to limit your options to this shape only. You can use any of the above-mentioned shapes based on your likes and preferences.

Why Round Brilliant Is Popular Than Other Diamond Shapes?

Round brilliant is a classic shape that has been in existence for centuries itself. It is also a timeless design and will remain popular in the future too. This diamond shape is suitable for almost everyone irrespective of their finger shape or size of the hands. Hence, it became the first choice of a large number of people across the world.

Another peculiarity of round brilliant cut is that it is designed to exhibit the maximum brilliance. Hence, it has more sparkle and shine than all the other diamond shapes. No other shapes can compete with a round brilliant diamond in terms of sparkle and brilliance. Therefore, it became the best option for those who want their engagement ring to be the shiniest out there. So it is widely used in many popular engagement ring styles.

Which Is The Second Most Popular Diamond Shape?

After the round brilliant diamond, another diamond shape that is chosen by a lot of people for their engagement rings is the princess cut diamond. It also exhibits great sparkle and it is the second most brilliant diamond after the round diamond. This cut has a square shape, hence, it is a great choice for people who want a distinct look for their engagement rings apart from the common appearance of a round diamond.

Another advantage of princess diamonds is that they are more affordable than round diamonds. Therefore, princess cut diamonds create a stunning option for engagement rings at a comparatively low price. The square shape of the princess cut and its great brilliance will mask most of the inclusions, hence, you won’t have to spend much on diamond clarity. This shape will also suit most hand shapes and sizes. Princess cut diamonds are available in a variety of carat weights, so it provided the liberty for the users to choose a size based on their preferences and budget.

Can I Use Emerald Cut Diamond For My Engagement Ring?

Even though not as popular as round and princess cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds are also found in engagement rings. They have a rectangular shape which offers squinted flashes of light unlike the brilliant sparkle exhibited by round and princess cut diamonds. This particular shape has large facets which produce a ‘box of mirrors’ effect when you peer inside the stone. The emerald cut is a vintage cut, hence, it is a great choice for those who love antique designs.

As emerald cut provides an elongated look, it is the best option for people who have wide and short fingers, as it will give a slimming and elongated effect for their hands.

Which Are The Other Diamond Shapes Used In Engagement Rings?

Oval cut, marquise cut, cushion cut and pear cut are the other diamond shapes that are used in engagement rings. Oval cut is a non-traditional substitute for round brilliant cuts and it also exhibits good brilliance and fire. It also gives a bigger appearance than it really is because of its elongated appearance. This is an incredible shape that suits everyone.

Marquise cut is a tapered cut which has pointed edges. It can give a slim and elongated look for the fingers. The history of this cut dates back to the 18th century. Another shape that offers a unique look is the pear cut. It is a vintage-style cut that suits most hand types, especially people with short hands, as it can provide them an elongated look.

The cushion cut has a square shape with rounded corners. It is also a vintage design that was in existence even before the round brilliant cut. You may choose any of these designs if you want a different look from the traditional options.

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