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The Queen’s Ring More Traditional than Princess Eugenie’s and Catherine’s

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Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are celebrating 72 years of their wedding. Considering the specialty of the occasion, Rockher.com looked at the engagement ring of The Queen again. It is one of the popular engagement rings even today.

As per Express, the piece she got from Philip was worth a whopping $260,000. Even for today’s standards, this price seems somewhat high. So think about how pricey it would be during the mid 20th century. The engagement of the royal couple was made official on July 09, 1947.

It was an extremely important ring because he designed it with gemstones from Princess Alice’s collection, like how Prince Harry did it for Meghan Markle. It was created in London with diamonds from his mother’s tiara, told a gemologist in the ‘Posh Pawn’ TV program.

The ring has a 3-carat diamond with an “old cut” shape that is put in a classic prong setting, with five other diamond accents. The metal band of the ring is the base for the 3-carat centerpiece stone, flanked by five smaller diamond accents. For an uninitiated, accent diamonds, also known as diamond accents, are used around the centerpiece of a ring to accentuate the latter. In other words, the purpose of using the stones is to draw more attention to the center stone.

In The Queen’s ring, the accents are put on each side of the central stone, or each shoulder of the metal band. Her Majesty’s ring was much more classic compared to Kate Middleton and Princess Diana and Eugenie’s as it had no colorful gemstones. The Princess of Wales, Diana’s and Kate Middleton’s ring uses sapphire. Meanwhile, Eugenie’s piece included a padparadscha sapphire-colored pink. Queen Elizabeth’s jewelry piece is not just as colorful, and it is more similar to Meghan Markle’s ring. Elizabeth II is wearing the jewel with a wedding ring. The wedding band of The Queen was made of a Welsh gold nugget, which was sourced from the Clogau Gold Mine situated adjacent to Dolgellau.

Some felt that Eugenie’s diamond engagement ring is so much like the one of Kate Middleton. However, NY-based journalist and royal commentator named Eloise Parker feels otherwise.

“Although Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring is reminiscent of Kate’s with the large center sapphire and diamond surround, it’s a very classic design for a royal engagement ring and not likely an intentional similarity,” said Eloise Parker.

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