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Couples these days prefer to choose diamond ring designs that are both classic and trendy. One of the perfect options in this case is gemstone diamond rings or the sparklers with side stones. Apart from the visual appeal offered by such engagement rings, you can save a good share of your overall diamond engagement ring expense this way.

Note that diamonds are the most expensive gemstones. Hence, you will probably have to break your bank in order to own a fully diamond-paved engagement ring. Furthermore, the most popular engagement ring styles often featured colorful gemstone accents. The sapphire diamond engagement ring of Kate Middleton is one of the best examples of charismatic gemstone and diamond engagement rings.

Such sparklers will surely make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. However, it is recommended to consider your personality, lifestyle, the durability of the gemstone, etc., before choosing the accent stones. Below are some of the stylish gemstones and their popular ring settings.


If you are looking for a sparkler that will look as trendy and appealing even after many decades, a ruby diamond ring will be a perfect choice. The precious stone is reputed with the Mohs’ scale hardness rating of 9. That means rubies are almost as strong and durable as diamonds.

A ruby gemstone can be a timeless option for your engagement ring. However, good quality rubies are expensive when compared to other gemstones including low-quality diamonds. Usually, ruby gemstone diamond engagement rings are set using halo and three stone setting.


Sapphire stones ruled the entire diamond ring field even before diamonds became a popular choice for the same. The main attraction of sapphire stones is their color and hardness. Typically seen in blue color, sapphires are available in almost every rainbow color. In addition, some sapphire stones will even exhibit secondary hues of yellow, orange, purple, etc.

Sapphires are known for their scratch resistance nature as well as durability. When it comes to the diamond ring settings for sapphire diamond rings, halo will be the popular option.


Aquamarine can also be the perfect side stone option for your engagement rings. The blue-green color of this stone is sure to highlight the center diamond of your engagement ring to the fullest. There are lighter varieties of aquamarine stones as well that look almost like diamonds.

Having tiny aquamarine halo around the center diamond will make an illusion of a huge solitaire when viewed from a distance. However, proper care and maintenance is required in order to maintain the beauty of aquamarine stones as such for long.

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