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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Diamond Engagement Ring Care

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Diamond engagement rings are exquisite jewelry items, and you cherish them for a lifetime as they are reminders of that beautiful life event. To ensure that they last for years to come, you must take proper care of it so that it remains beautiful and shiny. Even the most common engagement ring designs require proper maintenance so that they remain in good condition and jewelers stipulate this when you buy it. Listed below are some of the dos and don’ts of diamond engagement ring care.

You Must Purchase Insurance

It is very important to insure our financial investments, including diamond engagement rings. Besides, you must appraise the jewelry every five years, as the cost of precious metals and stones go up every year. This is to ensure that you don’t get the price less than its present cost, while selling the same.

You Must Not Remove The Ring In Public

You would naturally feel like removing the diamond engagement ring when washing hands in public restrooms. But, you must resist the temptation as there are high chances of dropping it onto the floor, into the washbasin or getting lost. So, it is a great risk to remove the ring in public places as it can also grab unnecessary attention to the precious object.

Avoid Touching The Center Stone

The biggest no for taking care of a diamond engagement ring is not to touch the center stone. So, when you are taking off or putting on them, try to grab by the ring by the band on either side of the stone. Also, if your stone appears cloudy or hazy then something must be underneath it.

Keep The Ring Clean

To maintain the brilliance of the stone and the shine of the metal band of the ring, you must give it to a reputed jeweler who will get it properly steamed and cleaned. But, you can also clean it at home using gin, hot water and toothbrush. This ensures that it remains beautiful for years to come.

Avoid Treating Ring With Harsh Chemicals

You must always ensure to remove the diamond engagement ring when your hands are coming in contact with harsh chemicals such as bleach and cleaning agents. They can dull the luster of the ring band material and can be harmful for stones like an emerald.

Maintenance By Jeweler

You must schedule the maintenance appointment with a jeweler at least once a year to ensure that the diamond engagement ring is in good condition. They will ensure that the stones are in place, the prongs are tight and there are no hairline cracks in the shank of the ring.

As diamond engagement rings are the symbol of a couple’s devotion and love, it is important to maintain them in good condition.

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