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Some of the Most Popular Engagement Ring Ideas

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If you are someone who loves to go off the beaten path, there are plenty of engagement ring ideas out there to explore. The latest designs are quite creative and are capable of grabbing all the attention for your special occasion. Below are some of the most popular engagement ring ideas you can consider.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a design that has made a major comeback to mainstream bridal jewelry. It not only provides a feminine touch, but it supports all the skin tones.


Sapphires are one of the best choices if you are looking for a non-diamond engagement ring. Among the various colors available, blue is the most popular in sapphires. This color is also believed to bring good fortune and represent faithfulness. Besides, they are scratchproof and very durable too.


Morganite is a great option if you have a soft corner for pink gemstones but cannot afford the rare and expensive pink diamonds. It fits well as a centerpiece stone in engagement rings. In fact, there are several shades of pink in morganite for you to choose from, and you can spend some extra bucks to get a larger stone too.

Three Stone Rings

The three stone ring design is another unconventional style that will accentuate the beauty of your fingers. It is also known as a trilogy setting and has deep meanings. For instance, the three stones in the ring can represent the past, the present, and the future of the couple who are going to be united, or it could be love, commitment, and friendship.

Diamond Alternatives

If you fancy colorless diamonds, yet cannot afford one, there are several diamond alternatives available too. For instance, gray sapphires, white topaz, and moissanite are all colorless gemstones with a resemblance to diamonds. They cost much lesser in comparison to colorless diamonds.

Delicate Settings

Instead of the complex designs and settings, you can keep your diamond rings very simple by choosing a delicate setting. This has a simple diamond stone and a plain setting representing feminine traits and simplicity.

Hexagonal Halos

If you love geometric shapes, then go for a hexagonal halo setting. In this, a ring of pave diamonds encircles the center stone. It evokes a modern feel and looks great on your fingers. Besides, due to the hexagonal halo, your center stone will look larger.

Double Shanks

Multiple engagement ring bands are gaining popularity by the day. If you have an extra band of diamonds on your finger, it will undoubtedly look stunning. There are double shank diamond rings, which you can buy for much reasonable prices. It brings a much better style and elegance to your ring.

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