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Shopping Guide For Trillion Cut Diamonds

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The trillion cut is a common shape for accent stones in gorgeous jewelry designs, but it may also be used as a center stone if you want something different than typical diamond shapes. The trillion is an eye-catching alternative due to its symmetry, balance, distinctive shape, and faceting structure. A trillion cut diamond has three equal-length sides and a flat table on the surface.


The trillion cut is a newer diamond shape, dating from the 1960s. It’s typically thought of as a daring and provocative shape with a modern, eye-catching appearance that stands out. The trillion cut, unlike many other diamond cuts, is more typically utilized for side stones. However, engagement rings that use trillion cut diamonds for the center stone are also available.

Cost Of Trillion Cut Diamond

Many popular diamond rings these days are made with trillion cut diamonds. The price of a trillion cut diamond can vary dramatically depending on its 4Cs, just like any other diamond cut. Diamond costs rise exponentially with size, so if you’re searching for a very huge diamond, expect to pay substantially more per carat. The price of a trillion cut diamond might vary depending on the kind of setting, the number of diamonds, and the overall carat weight.

Tips To Buy Trillion Cut Diamonds

When purchasing an engagement ring with trillion cut diamond embellishments, the four Cs aren’t as important to consider. Instead, choose a center diamond whose clarity and color grades are identical to the side diamonds.

Three-stone ring is one of the most popular ring styles. The finest option is usually a three-stone diamond ring made with trillion cut accent diamond. This gives you the current look of a trillion cut but with a greater assortment of center diamonds.

If you’re trying to get a loose trillion cut diamond, or using it as a center stone, ensure that the diamond is eye-clean and has a good depth. Diamonds with trillion cuts are frequently cut shallowly. Because more of the diamond’s weight is dispersed horizontally instead of vertically, this aids to make the impression of a bigger diamond.

There’s no need to spend too much money for a flawless clarity diamond, especially when it comes to a cut like a trillion cut, which hides defects and blemishes beautifully. Since trillion cut diamonds are primarily utilized for setting purposes, a high clarity grade isn’t necessary. Instead, look for eye-clean diamonds, which are free of obvious flaws and blemishes.

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