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Choosing diamond engagement rings is no cakewalk. You have to do good research on every single factor associated with it such as the popular ring styles, settings, durability, budget, suitability, and whatnot. After all, a good share of your savings is likely to be at stake in this case. Note that diamond engagement rings are regarded as the symbol of love and commitment shared by a couple and hence, people tend to spend a significant amount on these gleaming baubles.

No wonder, most diamond ring buyers may ponder on a number of questions when choosing a sparkler. Are you also mulling over the same? Then, it is recommended to go through the frequently asked questions about diamond engagement ring shopping given below.

How to Decide on a Diamond Engagement Ring Even if you Have a Budget?

Some people have a misconception that setting a budget will be enough to choose a captivating sparkler. Note that even though this step will let you narrow down your search to a great extent, you are likely to find a range of options within your set budget as well. To get the best bang for your bucks, start with the center diamond.

It is recommended to choose a stone that excels in its cut quality and is visually appealing in terms of its color and clarity grade. When it comes to the carat weight of your gemstone, choose something that fits perfectly into your everyday lifestyle. The checklist that you must consider for choosing a decent diamond includes;

  • Table percentage – 54% to 57%
  • Depth percentage – 61% to 62.5%
  • Pavilion angle – 40.6 to 41
  • Crown angle – 34 to 35
  • GIA certification

How Do you Know if the Price That you are Paying for your Engagement Ring is Fair?

Firstly, educate yourself about the 4C’s of diamonds and the impact of each attribute on the diamond value. Similarly, figure out the relationship between the diamond price and the significant diamond ring characteristics such as the diamond ring settings, metal choices, mounting design, etc. Secondly, parade a number of diamond stores around you and determine the latest trends and popular diamond rings as well the price range of different diamonds and settings.

Additionally, compare different diamonds that boast the same features to determine the best option for your set budget. Anyhow,never expect great discount deals on diamond jewelry pieces. Note that ‘you get what you pay for’ in the diamond industry. However, going online will be ideal to get the best bang for your bucks. After all, they will not include staff expenses, store maintenance expenses, electricity, etc., in the overall price of their trinket like physical diamond stores.

Which are the Most Popular Diamond Ring Shapes and Cutting Styles?

Currently, rough diamonds are shaped and polished into ten styles. Over the years, some of these diamond shapes have become extremely popular. Needless to mention, the traditional round diamonds are fine most popular options so far. After all, this amazing diamond cut that boasts 57 facet s and offers the best light performance and sparkle when compared to all other diamond shapes.

When it comes to the second popular diamond shape, it was square brilliants or princess cut diamonds. However, a study in the field reports that cushion cut diamonds broke this record recently. The triangular diamond shapes are the least popular choices and are seldom seen. Still, some people tend to consider this option in order to make their sparkler stand out from the rest of the crowd. In case you love to own a diamond ring that offers the best of the popular diamond cuts, consider radiant or Asscher cut diamond engagement rings.

What is the Significance of a Diamond Ring Certificate?

You would have often heard about the indispensability or significance of choosing a diamond that comes with an authentic certificate. Nevertheless, do you know the reason for this? Note that a diamond ring certificate issued by an authentic and trustworthy laboratory not only help you to determine the genuineness of your ornament but also is necessary when you plan to sell or upgrade it in the future. On a related note, GIA (Gemological Institute of America), IGA (International Gemological Institute), and AGS (American Gem Society) are the most credible and recommend diamond grading agencies.

In case you purchase a diamond that comes with a certificate issued by a lesser-known lab, beware; the chances for the information documented on the certificate to be unreliable as well as its quality to be way off are high. Certain jewelers may provide you their in-house grading report as well. In such a case, make sure to get your sparkler inspected by a third party before making the purchase for an unbiased report. Additionally, check the laser inscription on the diamond through a loupe to confirm its genuineness. You may check the inclusions in a diamond and match it with the plot diagram given in the grading report as well.

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