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Engagement rings have evolved much since the ancient Egyptians slipped silver and gold circles to the third finger of the left hand, as the finger was thought to directly connect to the heart. Even over the last century, significant changes have taken place in the styles that are favored by couples. Diamonds are truly amazing, and there are a lot of choices for couples who are in search of the perfect ring to symbolize their relationship and their style preferences.

If you are looking for inspiration for your engagement ring, you can read ahead to know about some of the most enduring styles in most common wedding rings and the emerging trends in the diamond industry.

Diamond Solitaire

Diamond solitaire has been the preferred choice for centuries, and the striking solitaire has always been a favorite in engagement rings. There are many designs that just come and go, but the solitaire is to stay. The diamond solitaire can sometimes be understated and subtle, but never simple and gloomy. In fact, the solitaire setting can put the diamond in spotlight. Therefore, the quality and cut of the diamond is a crucial factor in this setting.

The princess cut and the classic round brilliant cut are the most preferred diamonds in the solitaire setting. Buyers also go for distinct cuts these days though, like emerald, pear, radiant, oval, or marquise. The cushion cut is especially trending, while if you are looking for a romantic setting, you can go for the heart shaped diamond solitaire engagement ring setting, which speaks volumes about love. Yet again, buyers who are looking for the optimal sparkle, fire, and brilliance go for the round cut solitaire setting.

Three Stone Rings

Three stone rings are also known as Bostonian rings or Trinity rings. They are said to represent the yesterday, today, and tomorrow of a relationship. In the more traditional designs, you will see a large diamond in the center that is flanked by two smaller stones. However, the modern designs feature side stones that are almost the same size or equal to the center stone. This style exhibits the enduring and consistent nature of love.

Princess cut diamonds are commonly set in this engagement ring style and you might see diamonds set with colored stones like sapphires and rubies. You can also go for colored diamond-white diamond combination with three stone engagement ring setting.

Pave Settings

Pave settings exude luxury, as the surface of the ring is covered in diamonds to offer a surface that glitters continuously. Any type of diamond can be used in pave engagement setting. However, the most popular ones are made with diamonds that are set very close to each other and held in place by small beads of platinum or gold.

Why should you settle down for one diamond when you can have a complete row sparkling at each turn? In fact, you can trim down the overall cost of the diamond engagement or wedding ring as well with the pave set option.

Halo Rings

Halo is a setting in which a center diamond is enclosed by many pave diamonds. This setting will make an amplified visual impression, and therefore, frame the center diamond in a really striking way. This setting became popular in the1920’s and is enjoying resurgence these days. In the halo rings, diamond cut is a crucial factor, as it places the beauty and brilliance of the diamonds at the center of the ring. The most popular choices are round cut and princess cut. However, oval and cushion cuts are also in demand these days.

Halo diamond rings are also becoming more and more ornate with pave diamonds that just do not circle the main diamond, but also radiate from every angle, offering great profile views too. There are also the double halo designs and the colored gemstone halos, which are gaining popularity among modern brides.

Bezel Setting

This setting is sought after owing to their modern look and for reasons of practicality. This does not mean that the bezel setting is not beautiful. This is the most secure type of setting and places focus on a central stone that is wrapped carefully to the rim with platinum or gold wedging. The bezel setting protects the diamond very well and can keep the eyes of the viewer focused on the center diamond.

When you go for the bezel setting, you will need to choose between the partial or full bezel settings. In a full bezel setting, the diamond will be wrapped on all sides and the top of the stone will be exposed and in a partial bezel setting, only a part of the side of the diamond will be covered. This setting can allow for profile view of diamonds and can make cleaning the diamond easier. The bezel setting is suitable for people with an active lifestyle, as the setting and the stone does not snag onto equipment or clothing.

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