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One of the main factors that you must consider when choosing a diamond engagement ring for your better half is her lifestyle. For instance, a woman who leads a hands-on lifestyle may hardly prefer a sparkler that features raised diamond because of the fear of losing or damaging the precious gemstone. When it comes to lifestyle, the main factor you must consider is her profession. After all, she is most likely to spend a lion share of her time at her organization.

While this factor is not often ignored, people are likely to overlook the jobs that do not require much physical exertion such as teachers who tend to educate or help others every day. Note that it is not as easy as you think to pick a diamond engagement ring for your special person if she is a teacher. In order to help you out with this, below are some of the important tips that you may consider to choose the perfect diamond engagement ring for your love.

Choosing diamond engagement rings for teachers

Teachers will have to take care of multiple things ranging from playtime and recess to romance and dinner dates. Hence, she will need something that will be comfortable and appealing 24X7. Note that when it comes to popular ring settings for teachers, it is recommended to steer away from classic gold setting since it is pliable and tend to have scratching issues. Rather, go for a platinum band that is more likely to work with their professional life.

Choosing the right style

You must think practically when picking an engagement ring for a teacher. For instance, something that is easy to clean rather than an extravagant setting. The chances for her hands to get dirty are always high irrespective of whether she is a kindergarten teacher or a college professor. If you are wondering about the messy affairs or tasks included in teaching jobs, the list includes art projects, chemistry lab practical projects, physical training, etc. Furthermore, teachers will have to evaluate papers of several students on a daily basis and this is obviously a sweaty process making their rings dirty.

Needless to mention, easy cleaning is always a priority to tackle such messy issues. That being said, the perfect recipe for easy cleaning is the combination of solitaire setting and high-set prongs. Do you have your eyes on a multi-stone diamond ring? Note that dirt and grime are likely to accumulate within the crevices of the accent stones setting, in this case, demanding frequent and hectic cleanups making it a big no-no.

Sometimes, your sweetie will not be an admirer of classic or simple diamond engagement ring styles. You can woo such teachers with stunning marquise or other fancy cut diamond engagement rings. However, make sure to secure the gemstone perfectly using a flush setting like the bezel. If she gives priority to the flash of her bauble, you may select any of the half bezel-set marquise diamond ring designs for her.

Besides, a gleaming princess cut diamond accented with channel-set diamonds will also be an appealing option to work with the lifestyle of such teachers. Here, dirt accumulation will be almost impossible because of the little to no gaps between the gemstones on the band. Plus, even though this diamond engagement ring style is much complex when compared to a solitaire setting, it is pretty easy to clean making it one of the most popular ring styles for teachers.

Choosing the right diamond ring setting

If your love is a pre-school teacher who has to tend to little kids, softer diamond ring settings are the preferred options. It is worth noting that no teacher would like to think constantly about whether or not her beautiful diamond engagement ring will harm her little students. To meet the goal, always make sure that her ring does not contain any prongs.

For this, you may consider a bezel setting that will not only harm the kids but also secure the gemstone well by surrounding it with a soft metal rim. Plus, make sure that the design doesn’t feature any sharp edges. Furthermore, certain bezel setting designs are likely to make the gemstone look bigger than its actual carat weight giving the best bang for your bucks.

Another perfect option that you may consider in this case is the bar diamond ring setting. This particular setting is unobtrusive as well as accounts for easy clean-up. However, the bar setting is not as effective as the channel setting since there is a small gap between every accent stone in the former.

When it comes to practicality, it will not be ideal for a teacher to wear a flashy diamond ring since it can distract the attention of kids. Hence, go for an understated yet outstanding diamond ring for her that will let her flaunt her flash in a subtler manner. Some of the popular ring styles that you may consider in this case include French cut pave diamond rings, under-bezeled accent stone rings, halo diamond rings with plain shanks, infinity style diamond rings, braided row diamond rings, etc.

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