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Now In Fashion: Pink Sapphire And Diamond Engagement Rings

Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles
Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles
Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles

As Princess Eugenie unveiled her engagement ring with a pink padparadscha sapphire, she could not have expected the popularity of the pinkish stone. It is among the most popular engagement ring styles. It is not that Eugenie’s jewelry piece was the main factor in the popularity. Customers have a desire for pink elements in fashion. For instance, rapper Symere Bysil Woods recently put a big pink diamond on the forehead.

Pink sapphire is second only to diamond in terms of hardness. It has a really good luster, and sharp edges can highlight its pink color. When the crystal structure of the stone reflects natural light and you look at the gem from multiple different angles, you can see something special.

This form of visual appeal prompted disc jockey and producer Siobhan Bell to say that she expects to have an engagement ring with a centerpiece pink sapphire. After all, Bell likes pink more than other colors, and she considers sapphires more exclusive stones than diamonds. As for Bell, the pink stone represents love, and this is an era where everybody is attempting to have love thoughts and be positive.

Almost every pink sapphire in the market is mined from Madagascar and Sri Lankan areas. The history of Sri Lanka with the gemstone dates back hundreds of years. The Bibile region of Sri Lanka is among the sources of gemstone in Sri Lanka.

It was only in the late 1990s’ that Madagascar became an important pink sapphire source after it was found from Ilakaka. The gemstones from Madagascar and Sri Lanka are comparable in terms of composition because years ago both were neighbor areas.

The rate of pink sapphire gems depends on parameters such as luster, shape, color, clarity, and size. The industry regards sapphire stones that are not heated to improve their colors as more valuable as compared to the heated ones.

Generally comparing tiny gemstones weighing less than one carat, a diamond is about 70% pricier than pink sapphire. If you shop for a larger stone, then the price disparity would be higher. Pink sapphire gems can be pricier than semiprecious gems and emerald stones.

Even the 2021 fine jewelry collections include pink sapphire gems. Some designers generally feel that it will keep being popular, but many jewelers see other-colored gems threatening the dominance of the pink stone. Those jewelers regard blue as the next popular sapphire color because it is atypical. So, we might see more popular diamond engagement rings with blue sapphires in the market.

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