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Diamonds Bow Tie: Should You Avoid It?

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Along with the sparkle and glitter of the diamond your eyes are greeted with, the four vaunted characteristics are cut, color, carat and clarity. What is more important is what they all work towards. To be honest, the sparkle of the diamonds is the true appeal of it. Anything that negates this effect and reduces the sparkle is definitely something that you must avoid. One of the nemeses of sparkle is something that is called diamond bowties.

Diamond bowties do sound glam, but it is anything but. Most of you are aware of inclusions, which are natural flaws that are present in the diamond’s interior. But what are diamond bow ties?

What Are Diamond Bowties?

These are the imperfections that are formed when the diamond is cut. A diamond bow cut is exactly as it sounds, and it resembles a bow tie. It is a black shape that represents a gentleman’s bowtie. The bowtie effect can appear on the face of the diamond when the facets don’t reflect light properly.

Cutting of diamond is a precise process, and the cutters have to take into consideration several angles from which the diamond can be viewed. Some of the facets aren’t to take light in, and others are where light goes out. This is what creates a bow-tie effect.

What Are The Cuts That Are Most Affected By Diamond Bow Ties?

It is not that all of the diamond cuts are affected by the bowtie effect. There are some cuts that are the victim of this issue the most often. These include oval cut, pear shaped and marquise cut.

How Must You Shop To Avoid The Bow Tie?

The best way to figure out how much of bow-tie effect you are willing to accept is to inspect the diamond yourself or ask a video of it to be sent with the diamond being rotated slowly and all of the angles being clearly visible.

You can take the assistance of the gemmologist at the store where you are buying from, and tell them what your preferences are for a diamond ring, what your budget is and your concerns about the inclusions and diamond bow-tie.

Can You Avoid A Bow Tie Effect Entirely?

You must understand that this is not a flaw or an instant deal breaker- there are plenty of fanciful cuts out there that have complex faceting and have a bow tie as a result. As mentioned earlier, the best course of action for you to take would be to inspect the diamond yourself. Getting a beautiful diamond ring is completely your personal taste!

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