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Choosing the Perfect Metal for your Engagement Ring

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There is no denying the fact that the center diamond will be the most expensive and captivating part of your engagement ring. Hence, people will settle for nothing but the best option when it comes to the main gemstone of their diamond engagement rings. It is also your responsibility to secure the gemstone well, so that it does not get lost or damaged easily. After all, a good amount of your money is at stake here. In fact, you must make sure that you have chosen the right metal to mount your diamonds.

Metal Types

In the earlier days, choosing the perfect metal for a diamond ring was really easy; you just had to decide whether you have to go with white metal or gold metal. Yet today, there is a vast range of options available out there, making the entire process a bit overwhelming. Some of the metal choices that most popular engagement rings usually flaunt include platinum, gold, silver, etc.

Most diamond ring buyers will be familiar with platinum and silver since they are in the field for centuries. When it comes to gold, it is also a popular option, but it was just the yellow gold at first. Now, there are many color variants available. Some of those best colored gold metal options that you may consider for your engagement rings include white gold, green gold, black gold, rose gold, etc.

So before deciding on a metal choice, you must understand the tastes, likes, style, and personality of your partner. Note that the metal choice that you consider must not only secure the gemstone but also defines the style and persona of your fiancée. Below are some simple tips with which you can figure out the perfect metal choice for your better half.

  • Go for platinum or white gold metal if your significant other is smitten with silver-toned jewelry pieces or cooler hues.
  • If she is more into warmer tones, rose gold or yellow gold will be your way to go.
  • In case you do not know the jewelry style of your partner, mixing up the metal options such as white gold, yellow gold, etc., will be a smart decision. This way, she will be able to flaunt her ring with almost all her existing pieces of jewelry.
  • Even though your partner likes warmer tones, considering white metal such as silver or platinum will be ideal if she loves to flaunt something really lustrous and outstanding.

Finally, you have to consider the perfect setting so as to mount your gemstone on the metal setting in a flattering manner. For this, you may either seek help from jewelry designer or browse the designs of popular ring styles online.

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