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Cardi B’s New Diamond Ring is a Showstopper

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Cardi B is not joking when she sings about liking diamonds. Her new diamond ring from husband Offset is a sign that she really means it. Weighing 20 carats and shaped like a heart, this diamond is Cardi B’s gift for her 27th birthday. Looking at the size of the gem, it is no exaggeration to say some of these stones and Cardi B would be covered with diamonds all over her body, much like a line from one of her songs goes.

The 20-carat rock is worth more than seven figures. We can say that its price is more than $1 million with our eyes closed for such is the lavishness of the piece. The Migos rapper, Offset contacted a jeweler in NYC and clarified that he was looking for something very special for her birthday. He already had something in mind, a heart cut diamond encircled by smaller stones of the same shape. The ring has been nicknamed the Titanic Diamond, an apt name owing to its size. It also resembles the “Heart of the Ocean”, the fictional diamond, set in a necklace featured in the 1997 movie.

Some of the popular engagement rings online have the heart-shaped rock. Recently, pop singer cum actress Lady Gaga got a big heart sparkler from her long-time beau Taylor Kinney. However, the size of that diamond is nowhere close to Cardi B’s center stone.

The lady rapper took to Instagram to disclose her new piece to the world. In her Instagram post, she thanked her husband for this stunning birthday gift. Her man also took to the social networking website to share the moment with followers, and he used the phrase “Titanic Diamond” to refer to it.

The stone is mounted on a diamond-encrusted infinity band, and it is paired with a matching band studded with heart cut diamonds.

Her set of ring and band totals 100 carats, meaning it has entered the list of the largest celebrity-owned diamonds rings ever. It has surpassed Jackie Kennedy’s marquise diamond ring, Mariah Carey’s piece with 35 carats diamond and many other big sparklers. Cardi B was thoroughly impressed by the set when she saw it.

This is not the first time Cardi B received a massive diamond from Offset. Two years ago, she got an 8-carat pear-shaped diamond, encircled by a dual halo of light pink and white diamonds from him.

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