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8 Smart Ways to Make your Engagement Ring Diamond Appear Bigger

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The whole premise of a great engagement ring diamond rests on the twin factors of shine and size. No girl or woman in the world has ever walked into a jewelry store and asked to be shown ‘the small ones’. In short, a bigger diamond makes a better impression, as well as a much more highly valued present. That said, it also drives up expense, which is why it helps the budget-wary buyer to know a thing or two on how to make a diamond look bigger.

Assuming that you are yet to finalize a purchase and still have the option to decide differently, the following tips should prove useful in buying a gem that looks suitably big.

Chuck the Round Shape; Go in for Something Else

Granted that round diamonds are a classic and are featured in the most common engagement rings, but they also cost a pretty penny. This is because the shape is the hardest to cut out of a rough diamond, and the one that demands the most wastage. For the consumer, it makes sense to prefer an alternative popular shape, preferably one that is capable of noticeably swelling the stone’s apparent size. One great example is the oval cut, which provides a lot more diamond for your money than the classic round brilliant. This cut is featured in many popular diamond engagement rings.

Get a Slimmer Band to Set the Diamond on

Size is a relative thing – why not make the most of that fact by getting a narrower ring band? The engagement diamond would look bigger as a result, especially if you have the band tapering towards the part where the two meet. This specific style is called the ‘pinched shank’, and is highly popular among ring shoppers who prefer keeping purchase expenses on the low.

Use Slim Prongs

For a solitaire ring, you should try to get a setting that uses slimmer prongs than what you normally see in stores, and on websites. The aim here is to have the center diamond look larger next to the prongs themselves. Relating to the latter, it is also best to have them number six rather than four, so that more light is able to enter and exit the stone, thus enhancing its brilliance.

Get a Bright White Band Metal

Consider a room with lots of mirrors, and how much smaller it would seem if you took those away. Bright metal bands bring the same effect when paired with colorless diamonds. The best option you can go with, in that it most efficiently balances cost and beauty, is 18k white gold. This metal would be covered in a layer of something called ‘rhodium’ for protection and enhanced shine. It costs a lot less than platinum, while still carrying a highly similar beautiful look.

Pick a Halo Setting

A halo diamond engagement ring can certainly make heads turn with the way it emphasizes the center diamond. You essentially add a halo of smaller diamonds surrounding the stone, by spending significantly less than you would on a heavier diamond instead. Since pricing change based on size does not move linearly, you end up saving oodles, and still get to take home a piece worthy of every beholder’s attention and admiration.

Pick a Good Seller

Every jewelry item, no matter how beautiful or precious, still falls in the category of consumer goods. That means you need to pay pretty the same kind of attention here as when buying a couch – the seller needs to have a long-standing reputation of using fair business practices and giving out good deals, if not great ones. Trusted brands are the best to do business with. You should probably go a step further and insist on being shown only those diamonds which have been graded by the GIA or AGS.

Spend on Cut

Two stones weighing the same can look differently sized; this is because of the cut, which has a huge effect on how big a diamond or other gem appears. A particular cut may make a diamond look much bigger than it is when viewed from the top. If this costs less, and the apparent size of the stone is still important to you, then this is a no-brainer, right? Wrong. Maximizing the visible size often requires compromising on the cut of the stone, which as it happens, is the most important ‘C’ of a diamond. A bad cut makes for a dull or dark stone, which no one wants. This is why getting the best cut grade is top priority.

Keep the Diamond Clean

Sometimes, simply cleaning diamond well every now and then can spell a significant difference in its visual size. If you cannot do this yourself, approach a jeweler and have them handle it for you. Just be sure you do this before popping the question, because that is when you want the stone to look its best.

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