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So, you are all set to pop up the question and are waiting for the right moment. However, a scintillating diamond engagement ring is indispensable in this case. In most cases, people are likely to sneak around the internet for some ideas or inspiration in this case. In most cases, you may encounter numerous engagement posts that feature a beautiful solitaire or halo diamond ring along with the quote ‘And I said yes’.

Even though most of the popular engagement rings flaunt these designs and are extremely mind-blowing, they are so clichéd and common. Are you an admirer of modern designs or would love to go the non-traditional way? If yes, some of the best ideas that you may consider in this case to fit your personal style perfectly are listed below.

Consider Other Gemstones

One of the easiest ways to make your engagement ring stand out from the rest of the crowd is to ditch the diamonds. There will be many people who are not a big fan of diamonds because of multiple reasons such as its incredibly whopping price tag, the conflict diamonds, you don’t like its extremely gleaming appeal, you love flaunting your birthstone more, etc. If you are also feeling the same, this option will be ideal for you.

Sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, which are regarded as the precious stones, are the superior options in this case. In case you yearn for a traditional style but without the cookie-cutter appeal of a diamond, pearls will be a good option. However, go for pearl engagement rings only if you wear your bands occasionally since pearls are vulnerable to damages and require high maintenance.

Go for a Non-Traditional Setting

Another way to steer away from traditional diamond engagement ring designs is to ditch common ring styles and embrace modern diamond ring settings. Of course, the traditional prong setting is indefinably appealing. Still, there are many other options as well to consider. If you love to steer away from traditional designs, yet not too far, the bezel diamond setting will be a suitable choice. Here, the center diamond will be encased by a metal frame making it an ideal option for all the people who live an active lifestyle.

For an outstandingly modern look, go for a tension diamond ring setting. Here, the main gemstone is held in place utilizing the tensile force exerted by diamond ring bands from each side. This option will be perfect for the couples who give priority to the sparkle of their ring. Bar, cathedral, channel, etc., are some of the other potential options to consider.

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