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Are you expecting your bae to ask your hand in marriage shortly? If yes, you would be dying to choose your eternal bling. Note that couples tend to discuss their engagement ring requirements with each other these days. In fact, some couples tend to shop for their engagement rings together as well. In this case, you are likely to be mulling over a dizzying number of factors such as the perfect gemstone, popular ring styles to work with your personality, metal choice, popular ring settings that will complement your lifestyle, budget, and whatnot.

However, one of the most important factors, in this case, is your diamond ring setting. While a diamond ring setting can make or ruin the appeal of a ring, it tends to contribute to its security as well. So, you must be really careful while choosing a ring setting for your valuable and gleaming bauble.

Some of the popular ring settings raging in the field include the prong setting, bezel setting, pave setting, channel setting, bar setting, halo setting, etc. However, all these choices are so clichéd that almost every engaged women tend to have one of these options. If you want something as special and unique as your beautiful relation, rockher.com recommends the trellis diamond ring setting.

Trellis Diamond Ring Setting

In this setting, the main gemstone will be securely held in place by means of four interwoven prongs. Some trellis diamond ring designs tend to boast a multi-stone setting as well. The specialty of this setting is that the X-shaped prongs tend to create an illusion of garden trellis when viewed from its sides. Hence, it got the name. Needless to mention, a trellis diamond engagement ring will be the ideal choice for you if you are looking to invest in something unique and distinctive that can easily draw the attention of people.

This fascinating diamond ring setting is classic yet stylish and hence, will be suitable for someone who loves to flaunt a traditional design with a flair of modern touch. Furthermore, choosing a trellis diamond engagement ring will be one of the versatile and best ways to add volume to your amazing diamond ring without going too gaudy or loud. You can either keep your trellis diamond ring simple with just one stone or go a bit artistic by accenting the center stone with tiny diamonds or stunning metalworks.

Diamond Shapes That Complement the Trellis Setting

You will be amazed to know that any diamond shape can be considered for trellis setting making it one of the most flexible options. However, make sure to design the prong setting according to the shape of your gemstones. For instance, rounding off the prongs a bit will be perfect to cradle a round-shaped diamond. On the other hand, if your diamond engagement ring features a sparkling emerald cut diamond that features a square or rectangular shape, straight prongs will be ideal to secure the gemstone. Note that the latter design will be perfect to make a bold style statement. Undoubtedly, this casual setting is sure to just sway every viewer.

The Upsides of Trellis Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

Sometimes, you might find the profile of this ring setting random. However, this doesn’t make it less appealing or a poor choice. In fact, the upsides of this unique diamond ring setting are likely to overpower even the aesthetic appeal of your lustrous diamond ring. Some of those outstanding benefits that favor the idea of considering this airy setting are listed below.

  • As a result of the airy and ‘windows’ design created around the center diamond by the trellis setting, the amount of light hitting the gemstone will be relatively more. In simple words, the brilliance, fire, and scintillation of trellis diamond engagement rings will be relatively higher.
  • The criss-cross designs in the trellis setting are sure to give extra security to your valuable diamond
  • The pavilion of the gemstones in a trellis diamond ring will be clearly visible because of its open setting. This will surely contribute to the overall visual appeal of the gemstone.
  • The unique trellis design on the sides of your ring is sure to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.
  • If you are planning to choose a multi-stone diamond ring, the open configuration of the trellis diamond ring setting tend to offer enough room for extra gemstones
  • If you are more into vintage designs, you can easily include intricate milgrain or filigree works on your trellis setting without going overboard or making it look complex

The Price of Trellis Diamond Engagement Rings

As mentioned earlier, the budget will also be a determining factor when it comes to this lifelong commitment. Note that the cost of a trellis diamond engagement ring tends to vary based on the number of accent stones or the complexity of the metal works. However, the cost of a trellis diamond ring that features a diamond of decent carat weight tends to range from $1000 to $5000. Again, it depends on the overall setting.

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