Diamond Ring Styles

Tips To Choose Engagement Rings For Small Hands

Diamond Ring Styles
Diamond Ring Styles
Diamond Ring Styles

You have to consider a large number of things like ring settings, diamond shape, budget, etc when getting an engagement ring. Another important factor that you have to notice is the size and shape of your beloved’s hand. Choosing a ring that perfectly fits your bride-to-be’s hand is important, as it can have a great impact on the appeal of your ring.

Choosing a ring that suits your partner can be a daunting task, especially if you are shopping alone. Therefore, we give some instructions that can be useful for you while shopping for an engagement ring. The following tips can help you if your girlfriend has small hands.

Best Diamond Ring Styles For Small Hands

When choosing engagement rings for small hands, it is better to go for slim bands with simple designs. Big, chunky bands can appear disproportionate on small fingers and they might make your hands look even smaller.

But thin bands can give a longer appearance to your fingers and will enhance the overall appeal of your ring. Additionally, a thin band can give a bigger appearance to your center stone too. So you can choose a small stone without reducing the appeal of your ring.

Diamond Cuts For Small Hands

There is a wide variety of choices available for you when choosing a diamond cut for your ring. A lot of women love round diamonds, as this a diamond shape that fits most hand shapes and sizes. Round diamonds are commonly used in popular ring styles across the world.

But if your hands are small, then it is better to choose oval diamonds. When set vertically, oval diamonds can give an elongated appearance for your fingers. Vertically set marquise diamonds can also create a similar impact.

Additionally, cuts that have more length than width can work well for those with small hands, as they can create an elongated look.

But make sure to avoid cuts like square cuts, princess cuts, and heart cuts if you have short fingers.

Stone Size For Small Hands

One of the merits of having small hands is that you don’t have to get a big stone to make your ring appealing. Small stones will look stunning on your hands and they can also provide an elongated appearance for your fingers. This can help you save a great deal of money too.

If your bride-to-be has small hands, then be sure to consider the things mentioned above. This can help to get a perfect ring that looks great on your beloved’s hand.

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