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Acquiring the most attractive diamond ring is a priority for many people. The most common engagement rings do provide the beauty and attractiveness to fulfill this aspect. However, many people consider safety as an equally important attribute of diamonds. This gives the wearer a sense of guarantee that their ring will not fall off. Different shapes do differently in terms of providing this safety that people are looking for. Below are some of the most popular diamond ring settings and the security they offer.

Bezel Settings

 Bezel settings are those which are partially encompassed by metal. These might not be the most popular diamond rings in the market, but they are definitely the most secure settings. The enclosure makes sure that the diamond does not fall off the ring. Besides, they will not get stuck to clothes as it happens in prong settings.

Prong Setting

Prongs settings are those in which a few claws rise up to hold the diamonds in position. The number of prongs varies depending on the shape of the diamond. In order to be on the safer side, it is advisable to use rings with a maximum number of prongs. This ensures added protection to the diamond. In the case of round brilliant diamonds, there are options of four and six prongs. It is recommended to go with six prongs to ensure security.

Safer Shapes Of Diamonds

Diamonds with curved edges are better protected than those with straight edges in staying safe. The former is not prone to be chipped upon contact with sharp edges. However, those diamonds with sharp edges are prone to be affected. This includes heart, marquise, pear, and emerald shapes.

Flush Settings

When gemstones are perfectly aligned to the surface of the ring’s metal, it is called flush setting. For an active lifestyle, this is the most recommended type of setting. This is because it minimizes the possibility of contact with sharp edges. These are also some of the cheapest ring settings compared to the rest. Examples include bar setting, invisible setting, and channel setting.

Secure settings should be preferred if you have an active lifestyle. If you consider the entire array of settings, there are several settings that involve slight risk, yet perform excellently upon active use. The only thing you need to care about is that they have to be monitored regularly.

The choices are plenty when it comes to settings of diamond rings. Make sure you choose a setting after taking into account your activity and needs.

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