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Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles
Diamond Ring Settings

Engagement rings have evolved a lot in the course of centuries, from being a simple ring made of gold or silver to sophisticated designs requiring impeccable skills. There are several hundreds of ring designs at your disposal nowadays. In fact, this figure only keeps growing. Below are some of the most popular engagement ring styles that you can choose today.

Diamond Solitaire

One of the most popular diamond rings designs is the solitaire setting. It has been among the top settings that couples have always preferred even though several designs have made their entry into the scene. It is one of the simplest and most straightforward designs, which makes it more attractive.

This setting brings all the focus to your center stone. Therefore, the cut and quality of the stone are of high importance. You can choose between classic round brilliant and the popular princess cut for a solitaire diamond ring. However, if you want something more complicated, you can go with marquise, pear, radiant, oval, and emerald cut stones as well.

Pave Settings

Pave engagement rings represent luxury in which the surface is covered with diamonds bringing an overall glittery look to the diamond surface. The most popular diamond rings in this category are those in which the gemstones are placed close to each other or held together by tiny beads of platinum or gold.

Three Stone Rings

Three stone rings, also known sometimes as Bostonian rings, are used to represent the yesterday, today, and tomorrow of a coupleā€™s relationship. In the traditional rings, you may find the side diamonds smaller than the center diamond. However, the modern designs have similarly sized diamonds placed next to each other, said to represent the consistent nature of love throughout time.

Halo Rings

In a halo diamond setting, the center diamond is surrounded by a number of pave diamonds. This creates a very impressive visual effect and highlights the center stone in an attractive way. Nowadays, the style is gaining popularity again, as it used to have at the beginning of the previous century. This design demands a high level of beauty and brilliance along with a good quality of cut.

Bezel Setting

Bezel set rings are arguably the second most popular engagement ring styles available after solitaire set rings. They offer a very safe setting of a diamond where the focus is always on the center diamond. The focus of the onlooker will always be on the center of the ring, while the bezel will accentuate as well as protect the centerpiece gem perfectly.

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