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Some Intriguing Facts about the Golden Jubilee Diamond

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Intriguing Diamond Facts

Belonging to the royalty of Thailand, with Henry Ho, these massive yellow-brown diamonds is the largest cut diamond in the planet. They weigh the whole of 109.13 grams with the carat size of 545.67 carats. The Fire Rose cut stone is also considered as Unnamed Brown Diamond. All these unnatural features had made a hot topic to be discussed upon. Below mentioned are the fascinating facts about the yellowish brown wonder.

In general, what are golden jubilee diamonds?

Golden Jubilee diamond is the biggest faceted and cut diamond in the whole world. Even the Cullinan I diamond is smaller when compared with this giant diamond. Although pictured in a range of colors from orange to golden color, it was later graded as a yellow-brown fancy diamond. The name of the diamond was as unattractive as the ugly stone, before its polishing and cutting. However, it was transformed with the Fire Rose cut to a gorgeous diamond.

Historical background of the Golden Jubilee Diamond

Discovered in 1985, the biggest diamond of the world has got a really varied history. The rare diamond is only owned by a few, as they are new to the world. Originally, the diamond was yielded from the Premier Mine alike the Taylor-Burton Diamond and the Cullinan Diamond. Gifted by the DeBeers to Gabriel Tolkowsky, it was made with the motive of testing the gem cutting methods and special cutting tools. It was to analyze the methods developed for the use on Centenary Colorless diamond.

Several deep cracks and inclusions of the uncut stone were to be specially cut in specially designed underground chambers. The cutting process becomes way more awry along with the vibrations caused in the making. The current state was attained with years of patience in the cutting of this yellow-brown diamonds. The fire of the diamond was increased along with magnifying the beauty by cutting them in the fire rose cushion cut.

The Royal side of Golden Jubilee Diamonds

The stone was owned by Henry Ho of Thailand and later purchased from the De Beers Company. It received a Papal blessing when it was brought to the Vatican in Rome. Of late, it was blessed by Supreme Buddhist Patriarch in Thailand along with Supreme Imam. In honor of the 50th coronation, King BhumibolAdulyadej of Thailand was presented with the diamond.

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