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You might have heard of the Hope Diamond. There are a few interesting facts and myths that surround this stone. Being one of the most beautiful diamonds in the world it is also considered to be a cursed diamond. The interesting story that revolves around Hope diamond is that anyone who owns or lay hands on it dies a horrible death.

With the case of Hope Diamond, things were different. The intriguing beauty of this diamond attracted many people who were no ordinary men and women but were kings and queens and famous people around the world. This diamond was formed 1.1 billion years ago embedded in kimberlite, which is a kind of ingenious rock. This diamond was however contaminated with trace amounts of boron, giving it its characteristic blue color.

The Hope diamond was said to be mined from Kollur mine located in India. There is no proper record of how the curse thing started. As the story says, the diamond was actually embedded on an idol in India and someone stole it from the idol. Immediately as the diamond was stolen, a curse befell the diamond. Whoever possessed the diamond or touched it would die.

It is said that the diamond was placed on the forehead of the Hindu goddess Sita. Many centuries ago, a man named Tavernier visited India and managed to steal the diamond. He managed to sell the diamond and was then on a trip to Russia when he met a horrible death. Wild dogs tore him apart and fulfilled the curse of the diamond.

The Hope Diamond was later inherited by Lord Francis Hope. Francis Hope was ill-fated too. He married Mary Yohe – an American show girl. The two lived beyond their means and eventually Francis Hope had to sell the Hope Diamond and declared bankruptcy. Before Francis Hope, the diamond stayed with three generations of Hope family and none of them actually faced ill fate. So, it was perhaps gambling habits of Francis Hope that was the root of his misfortune rather than the curse on the diamond.sting Facts about Hope Diamond

  • The Hope Diamond was initially 115 carats.
  • It was cut twice and currently it measures 45.52 carats.
  • It is the largest blue diamond in the world.
  • When exposed to ultraviolet light, the Hope Diamond exhibits red phosphorescence.

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