Diamond Ring Styles

Princess Cut Vs Round Cut Diamonds

Popular Engagement Ring Styles
Diamond Ring Styles
Diamond Ring Styles

It is one of the most popular diamond cuts, which has been used since time immemorial. The round shape permits the entry of the maximum amount of light into the diamond, and when the light gets reflected on the surface, the diamond sparkles brilliantly. Round cut diamond is the most brilliantly sparkling diamond when compared with all the diamond cuts.

Choosing a round cut for the diamond can produce maximum symmetry from almost all angles, and it increases the light performance of the diamond. An angular cut cannot offer this level of symmetry and light performance.

What Is the Princess Cut Diamond?

The princess cut grew popular recently and is used in the most popular wedding rings to obtain brilliance like that of the round cut. Princess cut is a square cut that has a brilliance competing with the brilliance of a round cut.

Comparison of Sparkling

The design intended to maximize brilliance is the similarity of both the diamond cuts. Among the fancy diamond shapes, the most brilliant one is the princess cut but it cannot outshine round cut diamonds when it comes to brilliance. A round cut diamond if cut by employing expertise can reflect about 90 % of the light that enters it, and this fact makes it an excellent option in the category of diamond ring styles.

Comparison of Clarity

Diamonds will have inclusions and impurities inside it and the princess cut hides these flaws better than the round cut. This will enable you to buy a diamond of lower grade and still have the desired clarity. The clarity of the diamond has a role to play in the price. The price of the diamond gets higher with the grade of the diamond.

Comparison of Size

The round cut diamond has 10% more surface area than the princess cut diamond. The larger length of the diagonal of the princess cut diamond when compared to the diameter of the round cut diamond makes it appear bigger, which is a mere optical illusion.

Comparison of Durability

The round cut lacks angles and this reduces the chances of the stone catching on objects like clothes and hair which alleviates the worry of the stone getting chipped off. The four sharp corners of the princess cut diamond compromise its durability because they can catch on many daily use objects. Place the diamonds in protective casing to ensure security.

Diamonds are always a piece of jewelry that makes you earn the admiration of people and the cut of the diamond decides the brilliance, clarity, price, and almost everything about the diamond.

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