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How To Land The Most Sparkly Diamond?

Popular Diamond Rings
Popular Diamond Rings
Popular Diamond Rings

Most people buy diamonds for their brilliance. These stones are well-known for the great shine they exhibit. However, the sparkle and brilliance these stones exhibit can vary based on a large number of factors including the cut quality, the color of the stone, the shape of the diamond, etc.

If you want the maximum sparkle from your diamond jewelry, there are certain things you have to consider when getting a diamond. Some of them are listed below so that it will be possible for you to get the best sparkle and shine from your diamonds.

Get A Round Brilliant Diamond

This is the most commonly used diamond shape in popular diamond rings and other diamond jewelry. It is the shape that exhibits the most sparkle. With its 58 facets, round diamonds are made to sparkle. There is no other diamond shape that can exhibit the shine showcased by a round brilliant diamond.

Round diamonds are the first choice of people who look for the shiniest diamonds. However, round diamonds are costly in comparison with other diamond shapes, as the amount of raw stone wasted when this diamond is cut is more than other diamond shapes. However, it remains the popular choice of people because of its stunning look and high brilliance. Hence, you can find this stone in all the popular ring styles that are preferred by people.

Get A Diamond With High Color Grade

The scale on which the GIA grades the color of diamonds ranges from D to Z. The diamonds that fall in the D grade are colorless diamonds that exhibit the most brilliance. If the diamonds have a yellow or brown tint, it can reduce the brilliance of the stone. Hence, if you want to get a diamond with good brilliance, it is better to choose diamonds with higher color grades.

Nonetheless, you donā€™t have to spend a huge amount on diamonds with a D grade, as the diamonds that fall in the categories E, F, G, and I can also exhibit good brilliance.

Get A Diamond With Good Cut Grade

The cut of the diamond can have a great impact on the light reflected by it. So, the diamonds should have a precise cut for exhibiting high brilliance. Hence, if you want to increase the brilliance of your diamond, get a stone with high cut value.

Additionally, the clarity of a diamond also affects its brilliance. If blemishes are present in a diamond, it can reduce the sparkle of the stone.

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