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Popular Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Ring Styles

There are monarchies that exist in quite a few European countries. Most of these royal families, however, don’t have direct control over the rules and regulations enforced in their countries, and simply serve ceremonial roles. However, their lives do come with many perks, including centuries-old jewelry which gets passed down to them through generations of royals. It is common among them to hire the best jewelers in the world to create and maintain spectacular crowns, rings, and necklaces. In this regard, the British Royal Family perhaps comes top on the list of those around the world.

The famous Crown Jewels of the UK comprise come of the finest rubies, diamonds, and sapphires you ever laid eyes on. Even some of the popular diamond engagement rings presented to Princesses in the family, fall in this category.

Queen Victoria

The longest ruling monarch in Britain’s history up until Elizabeth II breaking her record in 2015, Victoria first came to rule in 1837 at the age of 18. By 1839, she was engaged to Prince Albert of the House of Saxe-Coburg. It was actually Victoria who made the move of proposing to the prince, instead of the other way around.

The engagement ring which Albert presented to Victoria was truly an exceptional piece. He offered her a serpent ring which was thought to be a symbol of eternal love back in the times of Ancient Rome. This ring style was very fashionable style in the Victorian era. Just like any other serpent ring, this one too was made as an imperfect circle. The band, in fact, imitates a snake coil with a tail that never meets the head of the snake. It is also rumored that the prince designed this particular ring on his own. It features rubies and diamonds at the mouth and eyes of the snake.

Wallis Simpson

King Edward VIII took rule in January 1936 after the passing of his father George V. Edward’s relationship with Wallis Simpson was a topic that got a lot of publicity during that time, because she was already twice–divorced before she met him. This even created a conflict in the functioning of England’s political system. Meanwhile, the engagement ring which he presented to her had a massive 19.77ct emerald that was enclosed in a halo of smaller diamonds, erected using yellow gold. The ring also had the words “We are ours now 27 x 36” engraved on it.

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