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Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Band: Do You Need to Wear Both?

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Is it a must to choose a wedding ring that matches your engagement ring? Occasionally, finding the perfect match can also be tricky. Can you wear only an engagement ring post marriage, or would this be bucking tradition beyond what is considered reasonable? Is it okay to even wear a wedding ring on the other ring finger? Here we are burning all these questions related to engagement ring and wedding band etiquette.

What is the Difference between Both these Rings?

Most common engagement rings have a dominant gemstone, which either sits alone on top of the band or is encircled by additional smaller gems. A ring is given usually as part of a marriage proposal, or if not, early on in the engagement ceremony.

In contrast, a wedding band is usually a plain piece or an infinity band with gemstones all around which people get during their wedding ceremony and which they chose to wear from that point onwards.

These are not the only differences. There is a considerable price difference between conventional engagement rings and wedding bands. Even when a wedding ring features gemstones, their carat weight is generally less than that of an engagement ring centerpiece, and for this reason, it is significantly less pricey compared to an engagement ring.

There is no reason you cannot throw age-old traditions out of the window. Because brides have a say in ring designing, more so than in the past, they are parting with custom. In addition, there are many different wedding and top engagement ring styles in the market these days. Brides are doing what they want to, and wedding bands give them the chance to be ready for the day with more flair.

Do You Need an Engagement Ring and Wedding Band?

At the end of the day, this is a matter of preference, and everyone has their own one that differs from another. If you prefer the traditional look, then you would like to stack the two pieces on one finger. Whether you are adding an infinity band that is set with diamonds or a plain wedding band, an engagement ring-wedding band stack is a beautiful and timeless look.

Of course, rings are stunning on their own. Rather than a separate wedding band and engagement ring, some choose to wear only one piece. For some, it is a matter of comfort. For others, it is about keeping a subtle look.

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