Diamond Ring Styles

Engagement Ring Trends For 2020

Popular Engagement Ring Styles
Popular Engagement Ring Styles
Popular Engagement Ring Styles

When you are picking a ring to wear on your special day as you exchange the vows of togetherness till death do you part, go for nothing less than the best. You may choose a timeless design for your engagement ring or could go with a style that has a modern charm about it. Every year, new styles come up in engagement rings as the aesthetic sense of people evolves over time.

Here is a list of popular engagement ring styles in 2020.

Elongated Diamond Shapes

Over the last year, elongated diamond shapes like emerald, oval, cushion etc have made it to the list of popular ring styles. Emerald cut got its name because the cut was used in emerald stones from ancient times while cushion cut resembles a cushion, and oval cut has a characteristic oval shape as the name suggests.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold setting is going to stay in trend throughout 2020. Many people opt for vintage styles in engagement due to the timeless nature of the design. Yellow gold is the ideal metal choice for vintage designs as it complements the classic diamond cuts well.

Stacked And Nested Rings

There is growing fondness for engagement rings spiced up by stacks of sparkling bands that enhance the visual appeal of the stone. Whatever be the shape of the diamond, let it be curved, crescent shaped or chevron, the stacked wedding bands adds to up to the visual appeal of the diamond.

Fancy Shaped Eternity Bands

Eternity bands feature a sparkling row of diamonds that features brilliant sparkle when viewed from all angles. Brides who prefer uniqueness of engagement rings can confidently go ahead with eternity bands that especially suit fancy diamond shapes like oval or emerald.

Solitaires With Subtle Details

More couples are choosing rings with subtle details that add extra sparkle to the diamond ring. Features like secret halos that offer a streamlined look to the look to the ring by putting the focus on the center diamond all the while allowing the delicate features of the diamond shine with brilliance.

Floating Shared Prong Styles

Floating shared ring styles feature a band made up of floating diamonds that look elegant especially when paired with oval center diamond. In a floating prong setting, the diamonds are suspended within the ring such that the stones appear to float.

Engagement ring styles that are designed by creating a perfect blend of vintage as well modern styles go well with the trends of the present world, all the while maintaining its timelessness.

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