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Engagement Ring Ideas to Flatter Pudgy Fingers

Popular Ring Styles
Diamond Ring Styles
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People may look for many features while choosing their diamond engagement ring, such as its gemstone, popular ring settings, diamond ring styles, design, budget, etc. However, you must think about whether that ring is ideal for your finger type as well when purchasing one. After all, no other qualities will appeal to you if the ring looks awkward on your finger.

Obviously, not everyone will be gifted with elongated and slender fingers. This does not mean that you cannot make it look stunning. The best option for this is to choose a diamond engagement ring that will make your fingers look elongated and slim. If you are wondering about how to pick diamond ring styles to flatter your pudgy fingers, you may consider the following tips.

Go for a Bigger Center Diamond

Thick or fat fingers are perfect for flaunting big diamonds. Plus, such diamonds will cover most of your knuckle surface area. This will create an illusion of slimmer fingers. It is worth noting that elongated stones such as oval cut diamonds are perfect to make your fingers look leaner. In case you are facing a financial crunch, you may consider diamond alternatives for your center stone too, such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires, etc.

You may even consider a diamond setting like halo and surround your center diamond with tiny accents in order to create the visual impact of a huge solitaire. Another option is metal setting such as thick bezel in order to achieve the same result but at a much lower cost.

One of the most beautiful and universally flattering shapes is the princess cut diamond.  Many people also opt for this shape when adding the other smaller diamonds around the main diamond.  You can surely find princess cut diamonds at any jeweler, and can even customize your own ring on several diamond retailer websites.  

Choose Thicker Bands

Just like bigger diamonds, thick metals bands can also make your fingers look slim. Note that thin diamond ring bands tend to accentuate the profile of your fingers, and hence, will not be a great choice for people with chubby fingers.

The band thickness of diamond rings usually ranges from 1 to 5 mm. Normally, a band with 3 mm thickness is considered as the standard option for fairly fat fingers. If you are an admirer of modern diamond ring design, you may go for a diamond band that has the same thickness as that of your center stone. This will offer a sleek, stylish, and low profile appeal to your sparkler.

Thick diamond bands offer a wide range of options when it comes to different embellishments. Some popular options for this include filigree, milgrain, engraving, diamond accents, etc. If you are not interested in thicker bands, you may choose a wide band as well that offers the same result. The three stone diamond ring setting, antique style ring with striking rectangular or oval motifs, stacked diamond rings, etc., are some of the popular ring settings that you may consider here.

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