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It makes sense that if you are a person with big knuckles and skinny fingers, it would be difficult for you to wear common engagement rings. Many people with such big knuckles choose rings that slip more easily over and past. The problem though, is that once the wedding ring gets past the knuckle, it might seem loose. This means using a smaller wedding ring could lead to inflammation of the knuckle. This is true in the case of different wedding ring designs. Below is a discussion on choosing the right ring if you have the issue of big knuckles while wearing rings.

The Reason Behind Big Knuckles

Certain people carry a bigger knuckle than the rest. This also occurs because of accidental injury to the finger. In most cases, broken knuckles stay bigger than the rest.

Arranging a Free Ring Sizer

Prior to choosing the ring, it is possible to acquire a good idea of the finger size surrounding the right parts of the finger. You can use multisizer straps sold by various brands. These move around the fleshy area of the finger without slipping into the hand. This offers a good fit as well.

Picking A Finger For Your Wedding Band

One basic arrangement people consider is wearing the wedding band on the opposite hand. In case your wedding band finger on the left hand was injured, consider wearing the wedding band on the other hand. In this case, comfort deserves more priority than custom.

Choosing the Best Ring Size To Go Over A Somewhat Large Knuckle

By applying a little hand cream to the finger, select a wedding band size that feels somewhat tight over the knuckle. Once beyond the knuckle, it might feel slightly free, but you can feel safe that it will stay secure on the finger without falling off.

Wedding Bands For Broken, Swollen, Or Arthritic Knuckles

Uncommon conditions often require solutions that are equally unique. In case your knuckle is large because of arthritis or from past damage, there are other solutions to deal with it. One arrangement includes fastening little bars or pips onto the inner side of a slightly bigger wedding band. The extra pips grasp the finger once over the knuckle. This strategy needs frequent adjustment to get the size of the pips perfectly.

Everyone wishes to sport the most popular diamond engagement rings, but some people stop short due to physical shortcomings. The problem of having large knuckles can be worked around by following the above steps.

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