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Most people shop for an engagement ring on a tight budget. Online shopping of engagement ring allows you to save lot of money and also you can save money by choosing the right diamond ring setting. Pave setting is one of the popular diamond rings settings in the market.

In this article, we will discuss more about the Pave setting and the different types of Pave settings

What Is Pave Setting?

The Pave setting is one of the popular ring styles. In the setting, several small diamonds are lined at the shank of the ring and metal prongs or beads are used to hold the diamonds in place. This type of diamond setting creates a field of sparkle that most buyers demand.

Benefits Of Pave Setting

The most important benefit of the Pave setting is that it is less expensive than most of the other diamond settings and you will get more sparkle for much less money. This setting ensures that the diamond looks bigger on the wearer’s finger. Another advantage of the Pave setting is that the center stone will be highlighted by the sparkle of the side stones. It is also flexible and beautiful within modern or vintage style engagement rings.

Different Types Of Pave Settings


The accent diamonds in this type of pave setting are set closely together with small prongs. This arrangement brings more attention to the diamonds. To create a Micropave setting, jewelers often use lasers because high precision is important.

French Pave

This type of pave setting is similar to the Micropave setting. Each diamond in this setting has a small, V-shaped cutout underneath.  This cutout allows more light to hit the diamond and creates more sparkle.

U-Cut Pave

This type of Pave setting is also called the scalloped setting. The name of the setting comes from the U-shaped cutouts underneath the metal beads that hold the accent diamonds in place.

Shared Prong

This type of Pave setting stands out from other types because the same prong holds together the two accents diamonds.  The Shared prong setting has a more uniform look and has more sparkle.

Bright Cut

The setting is also known as the channel setting. The appearance of the channel setting is as if the diamonds are held together by two metal walls. Since the popularity of vintage-style engagement rings is growing recently, more people are looking for channel setting.

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