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The Notable Engagement Ring Trends from the Past Years

Popular Ring Styles
Popular Diamond Rings
Engagement Ring Trends

Diamond Engagement rings will be one of the most important pieces of jewelry that almost everyone owns. Everyone will be familiar with these gleaming baubles irrespective of whether you are engaged, about to be, or could not care less; looking at the dazzling diamonds encrusted on it will always be enticing. Over time, you can see a tremendous change in the engagement ring designs. Below are the diamond ring designs of the past 4 years. You may go through these designs to discover the drastic design change in the diamond engagement ring industry.

2018 – Pear and Oval-Shaped Diamonds

Last year was all about fancy shaped diamonds, especially pear and oval diamonds. After all, millennial couples love embracing the celebrity diamond engagement ring designs. Note that pear diamonds feature a spectacular blend of classic round brilliant and marquise cut that results in a captivating cut that features a curved shape at one end and pointed tip on the other. Furthermore, oval cut diamond rings will be perfect for all the couples who admire the classic elements of round diamonds, still, yearn for something more.

2017 – Rose Gold

In 2017, the popular ring styles that swept off the engagement ring field isthe rose gold setting. This was the popular choice for the brides who were looking for an elegant twist on classic designs as well as for those who were drawn towards the warm color or strikingly vintage appeal of the metal. Besides, this spellbinding pink hue looks flattering on any skin tone. Still, the soft warmth offered by this metal makes it a suitable choice for vintage-inspired, romantic, and modern diamond engagement rings.

2016 – Fancy Shapes and Colored Gemstones

The trend of fancy shaped diamonds and colored gemstones began during this year since people started ditching traditional popular diamond rings and migrated towards unique options. When it comes to colored gemstones, the elite options were sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. Similarly, the fancy diamond cuts such as princess, marquise, emerald, oval, pear, and Asscher were all in vogue at this time. Both these distinctive shapes and colors gave an eye-catching and unique appeal to the clichéd solitaire diamond rings. Needless to mention, this was one of the best ways to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

2015- Distinctive Halos

Halos are one of the most popular diamond ring settings and are in the field for many years. However, couples sought an extremely distinctive take on this gleaming setting during 2015. The major highlights that 2015 couples were swooning over include floral patterns and scalloping. Undoubtedly, this made halo set diamond rings even more captivating and lustrous.

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